Nature Photography At It’s Best!

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about a friend of mine: Sandra Stein!1919667_670001246409323_8230030867255104907_n


Review: NY International Auto Show (with Pics)


My new job is coming right along. I’m still in training until Wednesday and then I’m on my own! With my new schedule I’m going to be working on Saturdays so I may have to rearrange some things in order to get out to see my festivals and such.

I was all set to go to the TX Earth Day celebration at Fair Park this past weekend, but I couldn’t make it. My allergies wouldn’t allow it. I spent the whole day in bed suffering!

But Marvin did get to go to the New York International Auto Show with his kids! Looks like a great time was had by all. I believe the next events I’m gearing up for is the City Arts Festival and the Joyce Meyer Conference; both in May. My work schedule is going to make it really difficult, but God knows.

Last but not least, let me share a few photos with you from Marvin’s day out at the NY International Auto Show!

R&M Has Been On Hiatus

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We have not forgotten about this blog, but let me just say: Life sure does get in the way sometimes!!

I’ve recently started back to school and Marvin is busy as a bee in NYC taking pictures and keeping Harlem Express Inc afloat. Alot  has happened, but Marvin and I are still around and trying to make things happen!

We should be back to blogging in the upcoming week! Love you guys!

DFW Boat Expo 2013 Review

Let me first say thank you to DFW Happenings for the free tickets to the DFW Boat Expo! It was a wonderful experience!

I got up early on Saturday because I wanted to be there not too long after they opened! I was even able to get in my daily exercise from the visit. The Expo was being held at Market Center Hall near Harry Hines. I had to take the Green Line to Market Center Station and then walk a mile to the Expo. I had some Gatorade with me so I just thought of it as exercise!

I was more than impressed when I walked in and saw the layout! The boats were so beautiful!



I got there by about 11am, so it wasn’t that crowded yet. I got to walk around and take a look at everything and I really enjoyed it! Absolutely beautiful!

There were pontoon boats, tow boats, speed boats, yachts and they were all stunning! I’m not really a water person, but after checking out this Expo, Marvin and I may have to make plans to purchase one one day!

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We Are Back!

So much has been going on lately! I have NOT forgotten about this blog; I’ve just been busy moving and settling into a new apartment here in Dallas.

Summer is just about officially here and that means plenty of festivals and outdoor summer fun! I’m looking forward to getting out and about in Dallas and finding some fun things to do. Sometimes you just need that, ya know?

Summer is a time to be your very best and get out there and show everybody what you are all about! Marvin and I have plans for new designs and I can’t wait to share some of them with you!

We Love Our Followers!

I’d just like to take a moment and thank everyone who follows this blog and our Facebook page! Marvin and I really appreciate your support!

We’ve been able to set up a new webpage where you can view and purchase our artwork. Please stop by and feel free to email us and let us know what you think!

New art pieces are coming available this summer! If you have a special request or a special photo you’d like to see, just email us! We’d love the chance to make a custom one just for you!

Win a 16×20 Canvas Print of Marcus Garvey Park in NYC!!

Just check out my Christians in Good Company Blog and ENTER THERE!

You can find all of our artwork at Fine Art America 1 and Fine Art America 2!

Or, if you have a photo that you’d like us to turn into arwork for you, please just email me at and we can get started!!

Review: The Fried Chicken Shack, NYC

Nestled on the east side of  Spanish Harlem between Lexington ave and 3rd ave and east 106 th street,  lies the doors of a soul food restaurant I came across while doing a moving job in Harlem. I vowed to come back and  try some of this really great smelling food!

The Fried Chicken Shack is the name of this small, soulful eatery with a few tables and chairs for seating. I checked out the menu and saw some collard greens (which was a heavenly!). Next up was this really tasty sweet potato pudding with marshmallows on top alongside some fried chicken that was very light and crunchy at the same time along with some pretty tasty corn bread.

I really enjoyed my meal and definitely will be back . Thanks Corey for your awesome customer service.


Floors and windows clean
Working area very clean
Great for a after work dinner or Sunday meal. Not sure if they cater.

R&M Social on Fine Art America

Be sure to check out some of our pieces we have uploaded to Fine Art America! I’m so glad that we have come across this site! Truly amazing. Great interface!

Fine Art America has the greatest collection of artwork on the internet!

We have also uploaded some of Marvin’s magnificent photography!  Watch him as he grows as a photographer! All of our work is for sale on Fine Art America, so don’t miss out!



Our Art is Hanging in Cafe Brazil, Deep Ellum!!

Guess what?! We’re gonna have a piece of our artwork hanging in Cafe Brazil in the Deep Ellum location in Dallas!!!! It will be  hanging starting Jan 5th!


The picture is my all time favorite piece but it IS for sale!

So how many of you are gonna go to Deep Ellum and take a picture standing next to it?! LOL

If you do, please let me know! I would love to see your picture. Thank you so much for being readers of our blog!