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Happy Thanksgiving from R&M Social Media

Northpark Mall in Dallas: Great Place!

Marvin and I enjoyed a wonderful day out in Dallas!

First stop Cooper’s Barber Shop

Next stop Northpark Mall

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Pics from the Texas State Fair 2012

I know it took us forever to get them up, but here they are!! We had an amazing time and I hope Marvin and I can make it our new yearly tradition!!

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Me and Marvin!!

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These are just a few of the photos we took while he was in Dallas. It was wonderful having him here and we were able to make a few decisions on which way R&M Social Media is headed!

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Recap: The Luxury Review, New York

Date: Wednesday, October 17th

Location: The Metropolitan Pavilion
Address: 125 West 18th Street,  New York, NY 10011

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Check Out Roe’s Catering Service in NYC!

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Here is a review of what should be a tasty treat from Google+ Roshon Martin or Roe’s Catering Service in NYC. Roshon has one of the larger followings on G+ and I was glad to come across him!  Busy as I was this summer, Roshon and I just couldn’t get our timing together to get this grub on! A brother is always showcasing his awesome looking dishes so you know I had to get a taste!
So we got our act together and decided to meet in Harlem on the day of the Afro- American Day parade, which in itself was a challenge because of the traffic and no parking!

Roshon had let me know the meal he had in mind for me to sample: oxtails, beans and rice, and cabbage. I get this awesome looking plate which is nice and heavy and looked amazing! Warming this plate up in the microwave, I could smell the oxtails! Man oh man! This is going to be good! As I take my first taste the well- cooked cabbage with small cuts of potatoes, I am reminded of my grandmother.

The oxtails were well done and had a wonderful clean taste which is good. I tasted the meat instead of a lot of seasonings. I was looking forward to a different twist to this traditional west Indian meal, maybe a thicker base or gravy, but all in all, a good eat and combination with the cabbage.

The last part of this meal wasn’t the usual way I would have expected beans and rice. I’ve always been used to peas and rice combos even with other ethnic cooked meals, but Roshon pulled it off without the dreaded sticky or dry rice and the beans were actually done very well! Great work Roshon.

If I had been paying for this meal, I can honestly say I would have been satisfied with the dinner itself and the overall effort put into it. I loved the meal and thank you Roshon!

Keep up the good work!


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Sushi From A Food Truck?!

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There is one good thing about the school year starting back up for me. I knew that the food trucks were always downtown someplace, so I could just leave class and find a few! And so I did!

Crazy Fish, The Butcher’s Son, Entice Shaved Ice and Rock n Ricks were stationed at the Myerson Symphony Center in the Dallas Arts District! The only one of those I had already tried was Enticed and they are awesome! Their shaved ices are the best!!

This time I decided to try out The Butcher’s Son first. Taylor was my server and he greeted me with a smile! They had a great menu and since I hadn’t planned on trying trucks that day, I didn’t bring lots of money with me!LOL So, I had to go for something small, so I chose the Mama Mia Meatball Slider! Boy, was it good! Giant meatball and sauce on awesome bread. Sometimes when you buy sandwiches, the bread completely ruins it, but not this time! The bread was very soft and the meatball was delicious!

I didn’t get a chance to eat at Rock n Ricks this time, but I will surely try them next time! Then I decided to go over to the Crazy Fish truck. I had seen them before at other Food Truck events and knew that they were a Sushi truck, so I never went near them!LOl

No, I’ve never had sushi, but guess what? One of the girls on the truck named Teneill (sorry for the spelling!) talked me into it! I decided to try the Crazy Cali roll with Crab Salad, avocado, cucumber and eel sauce! One thing is for sure, the packaging was beautiful!

Actually, it wasn’t bad! I only ate about 3 of them cause I didn’t want to overload my system too much at one time, but I did enjoy them! The crab salad portion was especially good, and the serving size for the price was outstanding!

I should have topped everything off with Enticed, but I got water instead and headed home! Great eating with the Food Trucks though! I can cross Crazy Fish and The Butcher’s Son off of my TO DO list! Onto the next ones!!

NYC Farmers Market Review with Pics!

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Can you believe I actually had a vendor refuse to allow me to take a photograph of her wonderful looking work? I really didn’t understand an artist not wanting their work to be seen! I’ve heard of that before, but never encountered it. New one for me!

But now let’s talk about the new and old awesome folks at the market! My first visit was with a new vendor who offered produce: Mr.Gudelio Garcia of Poblano Farm of upstate New York. He a great array of produce! It was rich in color and awesome in size! I had a great conversation with his wife and son and they told me how it was a pleasure that they could be in Harlem to bring his produce to our community. You can find out more about them on Facebook.  It was a true pleasure to talk to them!

Winnie Burch of Moetleh Cards and Bags took the time to talk to me and I was very grateful. She talked to me about her beliefs and faith when she ventured out on her own by herself. Her awesome handmade bags ranged in leather cuts, shapes and colors. They are hand stitched bags from her heart. You can find her great works at .

My  favorite of all the vendors is the owner of Love Joy Sweet Treats Inc. She always has something new for me to try like her vegan Twinkies and this great tasting all natural drink made from cucumber, lemons and raw brown sugar. I was shocked at how tasty it was! You can find this and more at!

After that, it was time to eat! I was hungry so I tried the Scotch Bonnet Grill and talked to Damian Perrin (owner and a great guy). He also took the time to fill me in on some the great foods and how he got started cooking.  He got me to try his Jerk Chicken, peas and rice and mac and cheese, which was, in hood terms, “slamming”! It was a great meal and I will be sure to visit these guys again in Queens. You can find out more about them at

A great time was had by all and this will not be my last visit to the Farmers Market!!