Nature Photography At It’s Best!

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about a friend of mine: Sandra Stein!1919667_670001246409323_8230030867255104907_n


Kidecals Review with Pics!



I was contacted by Kidecals not too long ago about doing a review on some of their kid decals. I have a 16 year old who isn’t interested in decals, but I do have nieces and nephews and I figured I would try them out on one of them!

The niece that I picked is Olivia. She is starting school this year, so I figured she’d enjoy the labels. This is Olivia:


Let me just say that I LOVED the labels! I picked one with her name and the silhouette of  a queen in a tiara. We tried putting them on her backpack and some of the items in her bag and she took them off! She looks like a little DIVA doesn’t she?!

Kidecals has lots of different options,  broken down by gender and age; they even have sections for Teens and College age! They offered lots of different uses for them instead of the usual…some examples are Allergy Alerts and Keyboard Stickers!

Don’t take my niece’s word for it! Go to Kidecals for yourself and see how beautiful the labels are! You will NOT be disappointed!

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Taste Of Dallas 2014 (with pics)

I had an awesome time at the Taste of Dallas this year. I got the chance to go out with my friends Bruce, Montrel, Willie and John and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.

The food was good and the one spot that stood out was The Island Spot! They had AMAZING BBQ ribs!! Spicy and Sweet! I was a little disappointed though that I didn’t see 2 of my favorite places: Joe’s Crab Shack and Tiff’s Treats!

Overall, it was a great outing and I’m just blessed to have been able to go with good friends!

Shank’s Original Review (with pics): Philadelphia

It’s always a pleasure to be in Philadelphia! But even more than that, I had the chance to grab an official Philly Steak and Cheese! From Shank’s Original!  I actually noticed it while looking for something quick to eat on Foursquare  before picking up a Budget rental truck.

It was located  right by the storage facility, so I lucked up!  Top grade Angus beef in a toasted hero with fried onions and mushrooms. What a steak and cheese!!

Cant wait until next trip back into  Philadelphia.

Harlem Shake NYC Review: Jerk Dog

Here we are with another twist to the regular hot dog in a burger town!

Harlem Shake has mastered serving up the tasty and original masterfully fused classic hot dog  with pork rinds, house made spicy Caribbean slaw  and jerk mayo!

I know you guys are a burger spot but the hot dogs are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Side notes: toasted bun and crispy, sweet candy yam fries!!!

Every time I eat here I am always greeted with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff!


Harlem Shake NYC Review: Chicken Deluxe

What can I say about my second secret visit to Harlem Shake?

The service was awesome and  all smiles making ordering a breeze!

Now lets just get right to it with this  “Not So Typical NY Chicken Deluxe” sandwich. A twist indeed! The deluxe is a golden fried chicken breast on a toasted bun with a wonderful combination of lettuce, bacon, tomato and onions!  (and the side order of fries were golden and delicious!)

Every time I go to Harlem Shake I am impressed! Good work guys!!

Harlem Shake NYC Review: The Sonoran Dog


If you are a hot dog fan you already know that most of the fame always goes to burgers in this town! But let me say on my second visit to Harlem Shake I had the amazing Sonoran Dog: a crazy infusion of bacon wrapped grilled dog with pickled cherry pepper bacon relish topped off with a chipotle mayo and onions.

…And an awesome grape soda which takes me back to the old-school Fanta or Ne Hi sodas!

All in all The Shake gives me the shakes if I can have the best dog in NYC!!

The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer

Have you gotten a look at Joyce Meyer’s new book called The Confident Mom? Joyce has a way of teaching us how being confident in Christ is a godly thing! I don’t know about you, but her teaching has really helped me to understand what God wants from us and how to become closer to him.


The Confident Mom covers chapters like:

Take a Break…and Believe and Can Somebody Please Help Me?

Now, tell me as a mom you can’t relate to those 2 chapters?! I know I can!

Other chapters include:

Dare Not to Compare and  Shaping Your Child’s Life

I’m reading this book praying that it helps me to be the best parent I can be! God knows that it’s not easy, especially when you’re doing it alone, but with God’s help, you can do all things!!! Remember that!!

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Nibblr Box Review (with pics)


Most of you already know that I am a type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed back in 2009 and I struggle everyday with what to eat and what NOT to eat! For the last 6 months, my A1c has been 5.9, so God is definitely with me in maintaining my numbers. It’s not always so easy though! I’m one who really loves my sweets and it’s hard for me to just go cold turkey. It’s easier if I can find some healthy snacks that won’t raise my blood sugar so much but also helps me keep my energy up throughout the day.

And guess what I found?! Nibblr! I know you all have heard of other companies like it that you subscribe to and get healthy snacks sent to you in the mail? Well Nibblr is a new company so I went to the website to check them out. I got to take a look at the snacks and the price point and I figured it was right up my alley! I ended up subscribing to have one box sent to me every 2 weeks.

In each box you get 1 serving of 4 different snacks. Now to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting to like but maybe one of them!! The good thing is a few days before your box goes out, they let you know exactly what’s going to be in it.

For my first box, I was being sent :

Sweet Chili Pistachios – The perfect yin and yang of something slightly sweet with just a touch of spice.

Stuck on Flax – Perfect little pretzel bites dipped in honey and coated in flax.

Caramel Apple –  Each peanut, caramel bite, and apple piece is too perfect for words.

A,B,C’s – Dried cranberry, apples, and blueberries.

I tried them in that order. I was on break at Whole Foods before work when I decided to try the Sweet Chili Pistachios. Let’s just say they were amazing. I expected them to be hotter than they were but the fact that they weren’t made them alot easier to eat! A great combo of spicy and sweet!

I tried the Stuck on Flax at one one evening. I’m not really a pretzel person. I eat them only every once in awhile. Since these were supposed to be dipped in honey, I figured they’d be sweet enough for me. I opened them with my son (16 years old) and I couldn’t believe, he asked if he could have them!! Anytime I find a healthy snack for him, I’m excited!!

The next night we tried out the Caramel Apple and yes, my son loved those too!! The little caramel pieces was my favorite part, but it all worked together really well. I’m not really into dried fruit, but the pieces were nice and small and VERY tasty!

The last one is the A,B,C’s and to be honest, I haven’t opened that one yet. I’m waiting for my next work shift to see if they can offer me any kind of pick me up! I’m pretty confident I’m going to love them!

Overall, I am MORE THAN HAPPY with my Nibblr box and I would definitely recommend you try them! Normally, the thought of healthy snacks really scare me, but not anymore!! Nibblr is a success!!! Try them out soon!

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Chicken Box Charlotte: Review (with pics)

My trip to Charlotte, NC…

Lets start off on how I ended up in Charlotte, NC in the first place: Harlem express Inc was on a delivery to a Public  Storage facility in the area. Upon finishing unloading it was time to eat, so I called one of my high school class mates who happened to stay in the area as well and asked him to recommend a soul food restaurant so me and my partner could grub down  before our journey back up north!

He suggested we check out the Chicken Box.
At first glance the parking lot was empty which  isn’t a good omen for a truckers first visit.
The Chicken Box itself had a family type feel to it starting from the aroma of all these country fix-ins from BBQ to sweet cakes and pies. The place was dimly lighted with a surprisingly large amount of seating from booths to window seating. Thinking a not so lighted eatery maybe hiding something in its decor I decided to investigate. Not here! It was clean and neat from the  register/ordering area to the bathrooms! Even the windows were clean inside and out!
Now lets get down to the fix-ins!  Well when in the south  go BBQ! And ribs is what it was with a side order of Rice and Beans with some of the best stuffing I’ve ever had! It was topped with gravy, which was amazing to say the least, and then the potato salad was more than a regular side of mayo with no taste! This was just as tasty as any southern in- house made fix-ins!



Now back to those sauced up ribs!  they were amazing with a great sauce that complimented the sides very well. All in all i must say i could go for a Chicken Box in Harlem for sure and when my next trip brings me that way again, I can’t wait to revisit!!