Balance is Everything!

Balance is not an easy thing to maintain. Truth be told: I am having a hard time with it. I had been out of the workforce for over 10 years, so when I went back to work I knew there would be some struggles. I’m thankful that God is with me and showing me the things that I need to work on.

Between my health, finances and energy, it all gets a little overwhelming. I just pray that I can keep myself in good health and continue moving forward. Thank you Lord, for being with me!



God, there you go again!!!

My baby has graduated high school and I have never been so proud of him in my life! God has taken Ramel and I safely through the first chapter of our lives and now we are on to the second!!

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Thank you Lord, for a wonderful graduation and Ramel’s wonderful Big Couple Patrick and Monika! You have never let me down Lord, and you never will!!