I Refuse To Stay Broken!

As some of you can probably tell, God has made a few changes to my life in the last few months. Some have hurt more than others, but I STILL know that God LOVES me and He’s always gonna do what’s best for me. It may not feel like it right now, but He knows best. I’ve learned over the years to trust Him and be confident in what He wants my life to be!

God loves me more than anyone ever could! He wants me to be happy! I believe that, and no matter who has left my life, I KNOW that YOU KNOW it was for the best. I cannot see further down the road, but You can Lord. I TRUST YOU.

I’ve been through harder times than these and I refuse to stay broken. God has been too good to me. If He brought me good, He can bring me better! Thank you Lord!



3 thoughts on “I Refuse To Stay Broken!

  1. This is just one example of your faith and determination to stand firm in the Lord. I don’t know what you’re going through but I do know that He has your best interest in mind. I’m going to pray for you right now. xo

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