Working Things Out and Moving Things Around

Okay Lord. Is this how it feels when you are working things out and moving things around?

These last 2 weeks have been sort of trying for my son and I. We’ve had a few issues going on at home and both of us have been looking for work. I currently work at Lane Bryant as a sales associate, but I really need a sit down job. My service-connected disability won’t allow me to continue doing retail for the long haul. My background and experience is in customer service, so I’m waiting to hear back from one place in particular. They say I am cleared for hire, but they just have to set up the Orientation date. I’m excited about it! More money and I’m back in the call center.

Mel put in an application at a Subway that just opened near us and we are waiting to hear back from them. He’s excited about getting his first job and his first pay check!! We’re still waiting for his ID card to arrive in the mail!

Marvin and I still haven’t been able to make plans to see each other, due to low funds. I miss him so much and I can’t wait to kiss that smiling face of his!

Lord, you know all and I’m just trying to take everything day by day. Help me to trust your timing and stand in my faith! Thank you for all of the changes I see in my life. You are good and I love you so much!

To Tree With Love



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