Our Black Community is in Denial! Deal With It!

While working on a  few jobs in Harlem, I had the uncanny opportunity to move two young,  single parent mothers from one NYC building to another. What I witnessed was what I already knew from my years in the city and also as a mover.
They were in deplorable conditions. The simplest of needed tools such as properly working elevator systems were non existent.
When you talk about safety to the residents of these extremely large buildings! They have at least 18 floors and very high traffic patterns of people in and out! Emergency Exits are open, entry doors broken and security at a minimum with senior citizens providing hallway and ground patrols.

How can crime be controlled or even monitored? With hall and elevator cameras rarely in working conditions making crime of all natures rampant and completely out of control, it’s a shame the things that go on!
This may not be the greatest of options, but that’s not to say you can’t take pride in where you live and raise your kids. If there wasn’t so much out of control behavior and rampant shenanigans of the majority of the residents, maybe the city will have a better reason to step up its game and provide better services and quicker repairs over all!

There are arguments all across the board on public housing and what it lacks and why and how it should be managed and maintained as it is a part of living in new York city.
I posted a few weeks ago a photo on Facebook that said IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, YOU NEED TO TAKE A DRUG TEST. I got some very negative feedback (which currently in America is your right) but on this posting today I’m going to finish my thought and tie in the word DENIAL and how its killing our community.

The infrastructure of the black community has changed and not favorably in the way we have progressed over the last 20 years. Besides sports and entertainment, we have been stereotyped until our action and attitudes have become the topic of  discussion all over the world except in the black community.

I’m not talking about your community actions boards or some political party members  promising to lobby for more police presence in our neighborhoods turning them into an under siege type of climate. I’m talking about the people…US… actually taking responsibility for our actions and realizing that we need to do better for ourselves!

This leads me to that word DENIAL. Why do we need all this police protection in our neighborhoods and communities?! If we weren’t busy self destructing then there would be no need for such over crowded provisions!
You don’t think it’s really a problem? Wait until one of your hard working family members suffer something idiotic because of some young gorilla who won’t go to school or be productive!

My opinions don’t come from numbers and news paper posts, but from what I see every day in NYC and all over America.

~Marvin Washington



One thought on “Our Black Community is in Denial! Deal With It!

  1. well said Marvin… I feel you that’s why I’m leaving the neighborhood that I currently live in to find a best place for Nay and Noah to live in safety… Black people are destroying the neighborhood where we live and doesnt seem to care about other people property.smh at stupidity of our people at times

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