R&M: Rachel, the 17lbs Lighter Diabetic!

I didn’t think today was going to be a good day, but I was wrong…You may think nothing spectacular happened, but for me it was quite miraculous!

I went to the VA hospital today and found out that my weight has dropped from 204 to 199! The last time I was under 200lbs was before my son was born!!! That was 16 years ago!!

So, to date, I have lost 17lbs  in about 6 months! How did I do it? Let me tell you!

-I decided to pay attention to how much water I was drinking. I went to Family Dollar and got one of those big water jugs. Mine is pink and hold 65 ounces. At first, it was too much for me to get down in one day, but I just refilled it the next day and started again! Eventually, I was able to drink the whole thing!

-I promised myself that I would do 10 minutes of Cardio a day. JUST 10 minutes! I would get on my bike first thing in the morning while watching Matlock. After 10 minutes, if I was tired (and at first I was), I would get off. Workout done…but after a few days, WHEN I WAS READY, I stayed on a few minutes longer…until I got too tired. Before I knew it, I was staying on the whole hour. It took time to get there though…But there is no hurry. The key is CONSISTENCY.

-I stopped going to the store for snacks. I didn’t watch what I was eating as far as food. I just promised myself that I would go to the corner store and buy cookies and ice cream and such. After a week or so, I realized that I didn’t crave it as much anymore. Just take it one day at a time. No snacks today. Worry about tomorrow….tomorrow!

I started with these 3 things and worked to make them habits before I progressed. I just wanted to get the consistency down. Everyday…SOMETHING. Even just 10 minutes. But you need to commit! And commit, I did.

I wasn’t sure when I started that these small things would make a difference at all. I didn’t have a lot of hope…but I was desperate to lose some weight and get my blood sugar under control…During this time I’ve been able to get my A1c down to 5.9 for 6 months too!!

I’m so proud of myself and now I know I CAN LOSE WEIGHT, if I treat my body right and be consistent!! If you mess up, that’s OK. The key is to not quit. Jump right back in there! Keep going!


2 thoughts on “R&M: Rachel, the 17lbs Lighter Diabetic!

  1. Rachel, I love you and I enjoyed your post. I have been praying that God would give me an idea of how to really make some changes in my eating habits and my lifestyle. My A1c has been around 7.5 to 8 for some time now and I am determined that I am not claiming Diabetes. Not in this lifetime! Don’t want it! Don’t need it! And I don’t have to have it!!! Consistency…that’s my answer. Thanks!

    • Be sure to get that A1c down! Very small changes make a HUGE difference! Just syart with one change..get it under your belt….become consistent and add on the next one. You can do this!!

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