Shank’s Original Review (with pics): Philadelphia

It’s always a pleasure to be in Philadelphia! But even more than that, I had the chance to grab an official Philly Steak and Cheese! From Shank’s Original!  I actually noticed it while looking for something quick to eat on Foursquare  before picking up a Budget rental truck.

It was located  right by the storage facility, so I lucked up!  Top grade Angus beef in a toasted hero with fried onions and mushrooms. What a steak and cheese!!

Cant wait until next trip back into  Philadelphia.


Our Black Community is in Denial! Deal With It!

While working on a  few jobs in Harlem, I had the uncanny opportunity to move two young,  single parent mothers from one NYC building to another. What I witnessed was what I already knew from my years in the city and also as a mover.
They were in deplorable conditions. The simplest of needed tools such as properly working elevator systems were non existent.
When you talk about safety to the residents of these extremely large buildings! They have at least 18 floors and very high traffic patterns of people in and out! Emergency Exits are open, entry doors broken and security at a minimum with senior citizens providing hallway and ground patrols.

How can crime be controlled or even monitored? With hall and elevator cameras rarely in working conditions making crime of all natures rampant and completely out of control, it’s a shame the things that go on!
This may not be the greatest of options, but that’s not to say you can’t take pride in where you live and raise your kids. If there wasn’t so much out of control behavior and rampant shenanigans of the majority of the residents, maybe the city will have a better reason to step up its game and provide better services and quicker repairs over all!

There are arguments all across the board on public housing and what it lacks and why and how it should be managed and maintained as it is a part of living in new York city.
I posted a few weeks ago a photo on Facebook that said IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, YOU NEED TO TAKE A DRUG TEST. I got some very negative feedback (which currently in America is your right) but on this posting today I’m going to finish my thought and tie in the word DENIAL and how its killing our community.

The infrastructure of the black community has changed and not favorably in the way we have progressed over the last 20 years. Besides sports and entertainment, we have been stereotyped until our action and attitudes have become the topic of  discussion all over the world except in the black community.

I’m not talking about your community actions boards or some political party members  promising to lobby for more police presence in our neighborhoods turning them into an under siege type of climate. I’m talking about the people…US… actually taking responsibility for our actions and realizing that we need to do better for ourselves!

This leads me to that word DENIAL. Why do we need all this police protection in our neighborhoods and communities?! If we weren’t busy self destructing then there would be no need for such over crowded provisions!
You don’t think it’s really a problem? Wait until one of your hard working family members suffer something idiotic because of some young gorilla who won’t go to school or be productive!

My opinions don’t come from numbers and news paper posts, but from what I see every day in NYC and all over America.

~Marvin Washington


Vintage bicycles I Spotted!


What beautiful bikes! The owners were nice enough to let me take a picture! One day, I can see Marvin and I enjoying a nice day bike riding together!

Is God Being Silent Right Now?

There are times when you are going through something and you pray for a way out, but God is silent.

Just because He is silent doesn’t mean that He doesn’t hear you. He hasn’t left you.

Maybe He is just trying to see if you will keep trusting Him anyway…..


R&M: Rachel, the 17lbs Lighter Diabetic!

I didn’t think today was going to be a good day, but I was wrong…You may think nothing spectacular happened, but for me it was quite miraculous!

I went to the VA hospital today and found out that my weight has dropped from 204 to 199! The last time I was under 200lbs was before my son was born!!! That was 16 years ago!!

So, to date, I have lost 17lbs  in about 6 months! How did I do it? Let me tell you!

-I decided to pay attention to how much water I was drinking. I went to Family Dollar and got one of those big water jugs. Mine is pink and hold 65 ounces. At first, it was too much for me to get down in one day, but I just refilled it the next day and started again! Eventually, I was able to drink the whole thing!

-I promised myself that I would do 10 minutes of Cardio a day. JUST 10 minutes! I would get on my bike first thing in the morning while watching Matlock. After 10 minutes, if I was tired (and at first I was), I would get off. Workout done…but after a few days, WHEN I WAS READY, I stayed on a few minutes longer…until I got too tired. Before I knew it, I was staying on the whole hour. It took time to get there though…But there is no hurry. The key is CONSISTENCY.

-I stopped going to the store for snacks. I didn’t watch what I was eating as far as food. I just promised myself that I would go to the corner store and buy cookies and ice cream and such. After a week or so, I realized that I didn’t crave it as much anymore. Just take it one day at a time. No snacks today. Worry about tomorrow….tomorrow!

I started with these 3 things and worked to make them habits before I progressed. I just wanted to get the consistency down. Everyday…SOMETHING. Even just 10 minutes. But you need to commit! And commit, I did.

I wasn’t sure when I started that these small things would make a difference at all. I didn’t have a lot of hope…but I was desperate to lose some weight and get my blood sugar under control…During this time I’ve been able to get my A1c down to 5.9 for 6 months too!!

I’m so proud of myself and now I know I CAN LOSE WEIGHT, if I treat my body right and be consistent!! If you mess up, that’s OK. The key is to not quit. Jump right back in there! Keep going!

Harlem Shake NYC Review: Jerk Dog

Here we are with another twist to the regular hot dog in a burger town!

Harlem Shake has mastered serving up the tasty and original masterfully fused classic hot dog  with pork rinds, house made spicy Caribbean slaw  and jerk mayo!

I know you guys are a burger spot but the hot dogs are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Side notes: toasted bun and crispy, sweet candy yam fries!!!

Every time I eat here I am always greeted with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff!