Harlem Shake NYC Review: Chicken Deluxe

What can I say about my second secret visit to Harlem Shake?

The service was awesome and  all smiles making ordering a breeze!

Now lets just get right to it with this  “Not So Typical NY Chicken Deluxe” sandwich. A twist indeed! The deluxe is a golden fried chicken breast on a toasted bun with a wonderful combination of lettuce, bacon, tomato and onions!  (and the side order of fries were golden and delicious!)

Every time I go to Harlem Shake I am impressed! Good work guys!!


Harlem Shake NYC Review: The Sonoran Dog


If you are a hot dog fan you already know that most of the fame always goes to burgers in this town! But let me say on my second visit to Harlem Shake I had the amazing Sonoran Dog: a crazy infusion of bacon wrapped grilled dog with pickled cherry pepper bacon relish topped off with a chipotle mayo and onions.

…And an awesome grape soda which takes me back to the old-school Fanta or Ne Hi sodas!

All in all The Shake gives me the shakes if I can have the best dog in NYC!!

R&M : Battling Sun and Snow!

R&M have not been out and about to any good events lately! Marvin is stuck in New York with snow and ice and I’m in Dallas getting used to my new job!

Today it hit 78 degrees and I really hope that those temps are here to stay. I’ve had enough of the cold!

I’m looking forward to the Arts Festivals coming this Spring and Summer and all of the Food Truck events!!

I’m so thankful for all that God has done in my life over this last year! He is truly worthy to be praised! New apartment, new job…He’s amazing!

Marvin and I appreciate everyone who keeps up with our blog! See you around town!