Nibblr Box Review (with pics)


Most of you already know that I am a type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed back in 2009 and I struggle everyday with what to eat and what NOT to eat! For the last 6 months, my A1c has been 5.9, so God is definitely with me in maintaining my numbers. It’s not always so easy though! I’m one who really loves my sweets and it’s hard for me to just go cold turkey. It’s easier if I can find some healthy snacks that won’t raise my blood sugar so much but also helps me keep my energy up throughout the day.

And guess what I found?! Nibblr! I know you all have heard of other companies like it that you subscribe to and get healthy snacks sent to you in the mail? Well Nibblr is a new company so I went to the website to check them out. I got to take a look at the snacks and the price point and I figured it was right up my alley! I ended up subscribing to have one box sent to me every 2 weeks.

In each box you get 1 serving of 4 different snacks. Now to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting to like but maybe one of them!! The good thing is a few days before your box goes out, they let you know exactly what’s going to be in it.

For my first box, I was being sent :

Sweet Chili Pistachios – The perfect yin and yang of something slightly sweet with just a touch of spice.

Stuck on Flax – Perfect little pretzel bites dipped in honey and coated in flax.

Caramel Apple –  Each peanut, caramel bite, and apple piece is too perfect for words.

A,B,C’s – Dried cranberry, apples, and blueberries.

I tried them in that order. I was on break at Whole Foods before work when I decided to try the Sweet Chili Pistachios. Let’s just say they were amazing. I expected them to be hotter than they were but the fact that they weren’t made them alot easier to eat! A great combo of spicy and sweet!

I tried the Stuck on Flax at one one evening. I’m not really a pretzel person. I eat them only every once in awhile. Since these were supposed to be dipped in honey, I figured they’d be sweet enough for me. I opened them with my son (16 years old) and I couldn’t believe, he asked if he could have them!! Anytime I find a healthy snack for him, I’m excited!!

The next night we tried out the Caramel Apple and yes, my son loved those too!! The little caramel pieces was my favorite part, but it all worked together really well. I’m not really into dried fruit, but the pieces were nice and small and VERY tasty!

The last one is the A,B,C’s and to be honest, I haven’t opened that one yet. I’m waiting for my next work shift to see if they can offer me any kind of pick me up! I’m pretty confident I’m going to love them!

Overall, I am MORE THAN HAPPY with my Nibblr box and I would definitely recommend you try them! Normally, the thought of healthy snacks really scare me, but not anymore!! Nibblr is a success!!! Try them out soon!

Find Nibblr on Twitter: @Nibblrbox or on Facebook at: Nibblr Box


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