Chicken Box Charlotte: Review (with pics)

My trip to Charlotte, NC…

Lets start off on how I ended up in Charlotte, NC in the first place: Harlem express Inc was on a delivery to a Public  Storage facility in the area. Upon finishing unloading it was time to eat, so I called one of my high school class mates who happened to stay in the area as well and asked him to recommend a soul food restaurant so me and my partner could grub down  before our journey back up north!

He suggested we check out the Chicken Box.
At first glance the parking lot was empty which  isn’t a good omen for a truckers first visit.
The Chicken Box itself had a family type feel to it starting from the aroma of all these country fix-ins from BBQ to sweet cakes and pies. The place was dimly lighted with a surprisingly large amount of seating from booths to window seating. Thinking a not so lighted eatery maybe hiding something in its decor I decided to investigate. Not here! It was clean and neat from the  register/ordering area to the bathrooms! Even the windows were clean inside and out!
Now lets get down to the fix-ins!  Well when in the south  go BBQ! And ribs is what it was with a side order of Rice and Beans with some of the best stuffing I’ve ever had! It was topped with gravy, which was amazing to say the least, and then the potato salad was more than a regular side of mayo with no taste! This was just as tasty as any southern in- house made fix-ins!



Now back to those sauced up ribs!  they were amazing with a great sauce that complimented the sides very well. All in all i must say i could go for a Chicken Box in Harlem for sure and when my next trip brings me that way again, I can’t wait to revisit!!


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