Chop House Burger Dallas: Review w/pics!

This past Saturday, I finally got the chance to eat at Chop House Burger in downtown Dallas! A friend of mine met me downtown for lunch and we decided we would try something new.

I had passed Chop House a few times in my travels and had even checked out the menu online. I knew before I even went that when I did go, the Truffle Fries were going to be my first choice!

I expected the setting to be more formal than it was, but fortunately, it was very casual! It was alot smaller than I expected too, but it was very cozy and everyone was friendly. You KNOW I had to go with the namesake and get the Chop House Burger! Black summer truffle sauce, shaved red onion, vine ripened tomato, green leaf lettuce! And with that, I had to try the Truffle Parmesan French Fries! White Truffle Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Chopped Parsley! 

The burger was smaller than I expected with a name like Chop House, but the flavor packed a real punch! And the truffle fries! OMG. As soon as they got near me, I could smell them! I had never had truffle oil before so this was a treat! The taste was VERY strong and it kind of threw me off for a minute, but I decided to cut it with some ketchup and that did the trick. The truffle fries were like a meal all in themselves!

After we ate, we sat and talked for awhile. The atmosphere was very comfortable. Afterwards, we walked over to Tiff’s Treats to grab a few cookies for dessert! The weather was beautiful and Jana and I had a great day! Good food and good friends!


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