Harlem Shake NYC: Review with pics!

Lets start of by saying it been awhile since I had a REAL burger because Burger king and McDonald’s don’t count!
I must say after watching all the hype of its opening, the crowds, and even the opinion of my own sneak tester (my daughter), I had to try Harlem Shake!

I figured it was time to tackle one of those awesome burgers:  The Harlem Classic without cheese! This was a  toasted bun with two  lean burgers with fried onions and pickles with a special secret sauce. All of these things make a great burger for me!

I’m a big stickler for the bun! It’s the start of a really good burger or a really great burger! So that fluffy, light tasting bun was really cool! Thumbs up! Then the sweet little patties which were well done without the charred taste was super: and they even grilled my onions for me!

I added an order of chili cheese fries. Finding chili cheese fries uptown is next to impossible!

All in all, the burger was amazing and I will be back! Harlem Shake: Great Meal for a  Great Price!

Review by Marvin Washington


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