Pizza Lounge Dallas: Review w/pics

I had a bit of running around to do the other day and I ended up at Fair Park Station. The Pizza Lounge is right across the street and I’ve always wanted to eat there! I ended up in there once when I was volunteering at the Taste of Dallas 2013. We had to meet there to get our passes.

I ended up in there right after 11 am, so I think I was the first customer. I was greeted by a really pretty  girl with a bright smile,who made me feel right at home. It’s a small restaurant, and very cozy. I could see bringing a group there to chill out after a fun evening.

I originally wanted just a slice, but they’d had some big orders come in for whole pies that morning and they didn’t have any left to dissect! I decided to get a personalized pizza with spicy Italian sausage and spinach. I’m really a pizza girl and I couldn’t have been happier with the result! I knew within 2 seconds of putting it in my mouth that it was delicious!


The sauce was amazing and had a great sweetness to it! I was thinking that a personal pan would be really small, but it wasn’t! It was more than enough to fill me up!

I’m gonna have to take Ramel there one day. I think he’d really like it. Who has better pizza: Pizza Lounge or Serious Pizza (in Deep Ellum)? I may have to sample them both again to make  a decision!!


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