Angry Dog in Deep Ellum : Review w/pics

Last week I finally got to visit a restaurant that I’d been hearing great things about: Angry Dog! With a name like that who wouldn’t want to see what they were all about?


My friend Louis and I decided to give it a try so we met there. I got there alittle early and the restaurant didn’t open til 11 so I had about 15 minutes to walk around Deep Ellum and see what I saw!

I was able to find Twisted Root, The Free Man, Uncle Uber’s and Cane Rosso! Deep Ellum really has alot to offer and I really need to spend some time in the area!

Once I got to Angry Dog, I realized it was right next door to Tanoshi Ramen Bar (that’s next on my list!).

It didn’t take long for the place to fill up and the atmosphere was pretty loud, but friendly. The service was awesome and the food was outstanding!! There was alot to choose from but I had to go with the Angry Dog (with chili, cheese, onions and mustard) with added jalepenos! Man, was that good!! It came with fries and it was worth the title!

Next Summer, Deep Ellum will see much more of me! Do I recommend Angry Dog? YES, YES and YES! If you  haven’t been, you’re missing out!


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