Deep Ellum Outdoor Market 12/16: Let’s Go!

There is an interesting event coming up in the Dallas area that I thought I might mention.

I’m gonna be honest: I hate Winter.

And my not having a car makes me hate it even more! It’s hard for me to convince myself to get out and do alot in the cold! Lord, you know! But I thought I’d let you guys know about it so you can go and tell me all about it!

Deep Ellum Outdoor Market – Local products and food trucks galore!! (12/16)

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed the Deep Ellum Markets and the different Art Festivals around the area. When my son was little I used to take him with me all the time, but now that he’s 16 I can’t convince him! LOL


The festivals are where I get my most interesting photos! Going alone also really makes me miss having Marvin here though. We are hanging in there because we know that God brought us together for a reason!

Here is post from my last visit to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival earlier this year. I captured some works from some really great artist!

If I could make a living out of going to festivals and blogging that would be a dream come true!!

What other events are you looking forward to? 2014 is almost here!!



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