Dallas Has An Awesome VA Hospital!

Yesterday I had to spend a few hours at the Va Hospital in Dallas. I used to be a regular staple there but lately I don’t get to go very often. Normally when I go to the VA, it’s a positive experience and yesterday was no different.

I got the chance to sit down and talk to an old friend and here all about the goings on in his life. I also got the chance to see a bunch of my old friends from the Vet Recovery Center who were in the atrium performing!

They have a band that performs different places around the city. There was also a book sale going on in the atrium at the same time. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT BOOKS! As I was leaving, I grabbed a small popcorn and headed outside to a “not so bad” day!

I got to see my friends Donna, Joyce and Tommie. It does me good sometimes to get out and around people just to realize that I’m not alone.

If you need to get out, do that! Don’t let the world close in on you!


Bbq Rib Sandwich: Burger King: Review

I Won’t Eat That Again!

Lets start off by saying that I HAD to grab this sandwich before Rachel is able to post something about how it’s grossly made! She can show me an article that most likely will make me not even want to take the first bite!

The best thing on this little “McRib Wannabe” from Burger King  is the signature toasted bun! The pickle and half an onion ring? They could have just kept that!

The sauce was nothing special. It actually tasted like the “Mcrib” or Applebee’s Bbq sauce!

The rib itself at first bite…


Online Mailing Lists: Are They a Good Fit For You?


I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now. Since falling in love with the blogosphere so long ago, I’ve had many ideas to promote myself and/or start a business. When the internet is in someone’s blood like it is mine, I don’t think you can help but imagine and speculate continually!

There are a few things that have always intrigued me. I’ve had questions about certain services, but never used them. One such service is Online Mailing Lists. Granted, I don’t have a company that makes and sells a physical product, but I can really see how Mailing Lists could come in handy.

I can only see mailing lists working if you really have a good grasp on the demographic that you are trying to reach. That in itself is no easy task!

A task like this would really seem a bit daunting to me and fortunately there are companies that are willing to help make the process as smooth as possible. I happened to take a look at List Giant. One thing I love is an easy to read and understand website! They lay out exactly what they do, how they can benefit your business and how they can be reached 24 hours a day!

If you have a small to medium sized business and would like to find out if you could benefit from purchasing an Online Mailing List then surely, List Giant is worth looking into!

Lunch for the Veterans at El Centro College


I had the pleasure of attending a lunch put on by the Culinary Department of El Centro College. They normally hosts lunches every week I think but for this particular one, they sent out invites for 40 veterans to eat for free!

I was able to go with my buddy Louis and we ended up sharing a table with 2 other veterans. The food was outstanding!! I’m blessed to have been able to attend.

I’m thankful that I was able to serve in the Army and I am proud to be a veteran!

Have You Heard of Black Women Who Want More?

Last night I had an awesome opportunity to talk to a new friend:  Simone from Black Women Who Want More.

One thing that I can say about Social Media is that it has allowed me to connect with some great people across the internet.

Black Women Who Want More is a Social Organization/Business that empowers women of color who want to be the very best they can be! Single Parents, Married Women, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you need to be able to connect with others who not only share your dreams, but also share your struggle!

Black Women Who Want More was started in 2007 and they concentrate on womens Emotional, Financial, Physical, Spiritual, Political, Intellectual and Social well being. Their Facebook page has over 150K followers and every day you can count on powerful and uplifting messages to keep you focused.

If you’re interested in getting to know other great women of color who are on their way to financial stability and who practice emotional stability, then you should stop by Black Women Who Want More!