Preachers of L.A. Review

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I know this post may be alittle late, but I HAVE to weigh in. I finally got the chance to watch both episodes of Preachers of L.A. and I love it!

I know this is an unpopular point of view, but it’s the truth. I am a die hard reality fan. Some of my favorite shows are Big Brother, Survivor, Top Chef, Master Chef and Real Housewives of Atlanta….I could go on.

I know that many people criticize Preachers of L.A. because of the way the preachers are portrayed. I don’t think that this show is supposed to speak for all mega preachers.They’re just taking a snippet out of the lives of a few. As far as the show “showing people Christ”, I don’t think that was the main goal. NOT saying that it shouldn’t be, but the producers never pushed that angle.

I was born and raised in the baptist church and let me just say, alot of the issues on the show take me way back. Like Deitrick Haddon mentioning his first marriage and how he ended up there because of his strict religious background. I can relate to that. So now he’s being ridiculed for his less than top notch behavior, but does he not have a point?

I loved the interchange between Ron Gibson/and wife and Deitrick/fiance when they went out to dinner. I think it’s wonderful to have a mentor in your corner; someone who has been where you are trying to go!

I think Preachers of L.A. really makes you think about some of the beliefs you maybe grew up with and now may question the validity of. The bible is the true Word of God, but I think sometimes Man has a way of stretching it for his own benefit.

I will definitely continue watching.


2 thoughts on “Preachers of L.A. Review

  1. I think personally the issue is that reality shows are all staged, whether we want to really feed into that or not is up to us, but they have a script to follow – sure there might be some things that are ab-lib – but shows are shows and there really is no such thing as reality television due to the fact of ratings, so what we think is real is not really real – the stars themselves are not going to go on about how it is staged because they want us watching it. Reality shows are for drama purposes, it is what keeps people going back to see what is next – what happens next. The people that I have talked to have stated that this is their issue too, if it was really real I would probably still have an issue with it, but knowing that they purposely staged things including an alter call is really hard pill to swallow. Yet everyone has their own opinion and I applaud you for standing with yours. God bless!!

    • You’re absolutely right about everything being staged. I enjoy reality tv so maybe I’m just not taking it as seriously as other people. But I do understand people refusing to watch. I really do.

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