Harlem Week in Review 2013

Lets start off by saying i usually don’t get the full scene and feel of Harlem week because of the busy moving season; but this year i was lucky enough to have some down time! I got to check out the Summer stage performances at Marcus Garvey Memorial Park and some of the activities at the Harlem State building.

There was a full blown festive feel; way different from many other street fairs we have covered. The true Melting pot of New York and  the ever changing villagers of Harlem!


The activities themselves were very grand and fit for all ages, which was great to see! We saw kids rock climbing (with the aid off police officers) to double-dutching.

Surprisingly, the foods may have been the only down side. With all of the diverse tastes  in Harlem, the only things they really had were  varieties of fried chicken,  fries and  fish and chips.

Some of the awesome things we got to see were the Children’s Festival, the Black College expo, Fashion Flava Show, an outdoor film festival by Spike Lee,  Jim Brown,an american hero, and a live broadcast of  Steven A. Smith of ESPN. The music was outstanding! Local radio icon Jeff Fox played some awesome hits and grooves!

I would love to give a special thanks to some awesome fellow creatives I got the chance to meet:

Divanism (clothing and cell phone accecssories)

New Breed Life Arts (martial arts)
Jamaican  Mango and Lime  (hair products)
Nicholasbrooklyn (jewlery and accessories)
Overall, I had a wonderful time and Harlem Week was well worth it!! See ya next year!

Crimes Against Fashion

El Centro College has become my savior.

I took the summer off and spent it moving to a new apartment and trying to settle in. The moving guys only had one working hand truck and took about 6 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment! By the time we were done, I was exhausted mentally and out of $400!

After settling in and rearranging the little furniture I have, I found out I have way too many books and not enough seating! By the end of the summer, I had had enough! I needed fresh air and adult contact! What I did not need though, was the barrage of “leggings” that greeted me at the West End Station downtown on my first day of school!

I hoped by the time I walked into El Centro, my eyes would stop bleeding!

I spent the next few hours in my classes and got a chance to get my mind off of the many crimes against fashion I had encountered outside. Some of them had made their way indoors, but the majority of them remained at the West End Station!

Thank you, El Centro. You are my savior…daily!

This post is dedicated to My Marvin Washington.