DFW Boat Expo 2013 Review

Let me first say thank you to DFW Happenings for the free tickets to the DFW Boat Expo! It was a wonderful experience!

I got up early on Saturday because I wanted to be there not too long after they opened! I was even able to get in my daily exercise from the visit. The Expo was being held at Market Center Hall near Harry Hines. I had to take the Green Line to Market Center Station and then walk a mile to the Expo. I had some Gatorade with me so I just thought of it as exercise!

I was more than impressed when I walked in and saw the layout! The boats were so beautiful!



I got there by about 11am, so it wasn’t that crowded yet. I got to walk around and take a look at everything and I really enjoyed it! Absolutely beautiful!

There were pontoon boats, tow boats, speed boats, yachts and they were all stunning! I’m not really a water person, but after checking out this Expo, Marvin and I may have to make plans to purchase one one day!

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