Ace Energy & Weight Loss Review

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a fan of energy drinks! My favorite is Monster and 5 Hour Energy, but I’ve had to lay off of them. I know they aren’t good for me. I always end up using them everyday like a maniac and before you know it, I’m hooked and have to stop!

I’ve not been using them now for maybe a month. I’m trying to learn ways to perk myself up naturally. Any advice, please comment!


In the meantime, a friend of mine at Ace Energy & Weight Loss saw some of my posts about the energy drinks and asked if I would like to try their product. You know me! I said yes. I LOVE trying new things!

Ace sent me 3 days worth to try out. 2 pills per day.

When I first took it, I expected to be able to tell that I had taken something…like when I use 5Hour Energy or Monster…but that didn’t happen. There were no jitters. No SUDDEN burst of energy or anything, so I wasn’t sure it was working…

But as the day went on, I realized I DID have more energy and I hadn’t spent the day wanting junk food!! It definitely got rid of my cravings. I’m a sweets girl!

I decided to get on the bike that evening and see if I could feel any difference there and I was amazed! I was able to stay on longer than I normally would without feeling like I was gonna pass out! I didn’t go any faster. I just went LONGER; and to me that is MUCH more productive!

Truth be told: I really enjoyed take Ace! In those 3 days, I was able to ride 30 mins a day, burn over 200 calories each session and manage 6 miles each time! It may not be much to you, but it’s alot to ME! I was proud of myself!

Thank you Ace! We may have to meet again in the future!!

Find out more about Ace and see if you think it is right for you!



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