Gonzales Restaurant Review: Dallas

Mel and I recently moved to an area in Dallas called Pleasant Grove. The area so far seems really nice and we love it! We got the chance to stop in to a restaurant yesterday called Gonzales Restaurant right off of Bruton and Buckner.

We were originally going to eat at Long John Silver’s but I’m always up for something new! We stopped in Walgreens and then went to the restaurant. When we first went in, we were greeted by a really pretty girl with a nice smile. I had to make sure that the menu was in English so I wouldn’t embarrass myself later. LOL

The first thing I noticed was the decor. Not really my style, but hey it works for them! 🙂 It was around lunch time when we were there, but it wasn’t overly crowded, so that was good.

We didn’t have to wait long for the waiter to take our drink orders. Mel and I were both kind of surprised when we ordered a Pepsi and DrPepper and they brought us out 2 glasses of ice and 2 cans of soda. Guess there are no free refills!

The menu was typical for a Mexican restaurant and I ended up ordering 3 enchiladas with beans and rice. They were fantastic! Nice and hot and tasted great. They even had a part of the menu labeled American food  in case Mel decided to get picky!

When the waiter took his order he asked what was on the salad and dude told him meat, lettuce and tomato. I said “that’s all?!” yes. that is all. Now that’s not really my idea of a taco salad at all,but it was right up Mel’s alley!

He complained that it was alittle too much lettuce, but other than that, he liked it. It seemed alittle dry to me though…I like way more stuff on a taco salad than that!

But overall, we both enjoyed the meal and would definitely go there again! Good Eats.


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