Bahama Beach Review: Dallas

Bahama Beach Waterpark is the perfect place to cool off this summer!

Bahama Beach offers the best family waterpark value in the metroplex. Conveniently located only ten minutes south of downtown Dallas, you can get away from it all without ever leaving town. We have everything from 45 foot tall slides for the big kids and adults who are young at heart, to an interactive water playground with a 1000 gallon dumping bucket for the little ones.



And for those who want to kick back and relax, grab a tube, wade into one of two zero depth entry beaches, and take a float down the lazy river. Plenty of shade, reserveable private cabanas, and food & beverages to satisfy all of your summertime cravings tops it all off. So bring the whole family and make a day of it at Bahama Beach Waterpark!

Save $2 off admission to Bahama Beach Waterpark this summer

I’ve been to Bahama Beach once a few years ago when Mel was smaller and we had a great time!!! I would definitely recommend it for a nice Summer Getaway within the city!


Zeal For Life Review

“Isn’t it about time to take personal responsibility for your own health? You don’t have to do it alone. We’re on a crusade for better health for everyone and we invite you to join us! Experience transformation of your body, mind and life like never before over a short 90 day period. The Zeal For Life Challenge is everything you need to start setting your own goals now and go for it! “

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

As I get older, I realize my body may need different things than it needed when I was 20! More than anything though, you end up needing more get up and go!

Have you heard of Zeal For Life?

“Zeal Wellness takes the guesswork out of staying healthy with an all-in-one natural nutritional formula. Simply add water or juice to the Zeal Wellness synergistic blend of whole food concentrates and drink at least one serving a day to get all the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. The Zeal Wellness formula dissolves easily, tastes great and helps you recapture your youthful Zeal for life.”



Zeal is a supplement that increases your mental clarity, helps you feel more vibrant and helps improve your nutritional balance.

Thanks to my friend Teresa Braud, I was able to sample Zeal for myself for 2 days and it tasted great! There are no awful aftertastes to deal with and no side effects to note! 

If you feel like you need an “interior makeover” and you need alittle help losing weight, having energy and just being more healthy, go to the website and check out Zeal For Life! It may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Ace Energy & Weight Loss Review

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a fan of energy drinks! My favorite is Monster and 5 Hour Energy, but I’ve had to lay off of them. I know they aren’t good for me. I always end up using them everyday like a maniac and before you know it, I’m hooked and have to stop!

I’ve not been using them now for maybe a month. I’m trying to learn ways to perk myself up naturally. Any advice, please comment!


In the meantime, a friend of mine at Ace Energy & Weight Loss saw some of my posts about the energy drinks and asked if I would like to try their product. You know me! I said yes. I LOVE trying new things!

Ace sent me 3 days worth to try out. 2 pills per day.

When I first took it, I expected to be able to tell that I had taken something…like when I use 5Hour Energy or Monster…but that didn’t happen. There were no jitters. No SUDDEN burst of energy or anything, so I wasn’t sure it was working…

But as the day went on, I realized I DID have more energy and I hadn’t spent the day wanting junk food!! It definitely got rid of my cravings. I’m a sweets girl!

I decided to get on the bike that evening and see if I could feel any difference there and I was amazed! I was able to stay on longer than I normally would without feeling like I was gonna pass out! I didn’t go any faster. I just went LONGER; and to me that is MUCH more productive!

Truth be told: I really enjoyed take Ace! In those 3 days, I was able to ride 30 mins a day, burn over 200 calories each session and manage 6 miles each time! It may not be much to you, but it’s alot to ME! I was proud of myself!

Thank you Ace! We may have to meet again in the future!!

Find out more about Ace and see if you think it is right for you!


Gonzales Restaurant Review: Dallas

Mel and I recently moved to an area in Dallas called Pleasant Grove. The area so far seems really nice and we love it! We got the chance to stop in to a restaurant yesterday called Gonzales Restaurant right off of Bruton and Buckner.

We were originally going to eat at Long John Silver’s but I’m always up for something new! We stopped in Walgreens and then went to the restaurant. When we first went in, we were greeted by a really pretty girl with a nice smile. I had to make sure that the menu was in English so I wouldn’t embarrass myself later. LOL

The first thing I noticed was the decor. Not really my style, but hey it works for them! 🙂 It was around lunch time when we were there, but it wasn’t overly crowded, so that was good.

We didn’t have to wait long for the waiter to take our drink orders. Mel and I were both kind of surprised when we ordered a Pepsi and DrPepper and they brought us out 2 glasses of ice and 2 cans of soda. Guess there are no free refills!

The menu was typical for a Mexican restaurant and I ended up ordering 3 enchiladas with beans and rice. They were fantastic! Nice and hot and tasted great. They even had a part of the menu labeled American food  in case Mel decided to get picky!

When the waiter took his order he asked what was on the salad and dude told him meat, lettuce and tomato. I said “that’s all?!” yes. that is all. Now that’s not really my idea of a taco salad at all,but it was right up Mel’s alley!

He complained that it was alittle too much lettuce, but other than that, he liked it. It seemed alittle dry to me though…I like way more stuff on a taco salad than that!

But overall, we both enjoyed the meal and would definitely go there again! Good Eats.

We Are Back!

So much has been going on lately! I have NOT forgotten about this blog; I’ve just been busy moving and settling into a new apartment here in Dallas.

Summer is just about officially here and that means plenty of festivals and outdoor summer fun! I’m looking forward to getting out and about in Dallas and finding some fun things to do. Sometimes you just need that, ya know?

Summer is a time to be your very best and get out there and show everybody what you are all about! Marvin and I have plans for new designs and I can’t wait to share some of them with you!