Earth Day Dallas 2013


Wow! I had a great time at Earth Day! To be honest, last years event was a drag, but this year it rocked!! I think they added more hands on exhibits. I took Mel and his friend Marquel with me and we had a good time!

Some of the companies present were:

Rumble Against Cancer

Arborilogical Services, Inc

Garden Inspirations — had an awesome Truck Farm!

Natural Gas Vehicles

BullsEye Watering Mat

The Greatest Candle

It seemed like they had more food at this event too and you KNOW I like to eat! BUT I only had a cheesesteak sub (1/3 of it) because we were leaving there and going to the North Texas Taco Festival in Deep Ellum. I will tell you about that later!

I got to talk to 2 long timers with They had one of the new buses down there and I got to take a look inside and check out the new cameras! It’s like 4 or 5 on each bus! Love that! VERY necessary.

They also had the new Greyhound bus there too! I got some info from one of the drivers and he said that in maybe 2 years, all of the old buses should be replaced. They have wifi and outlets AT EVERY SEAT. LOVE that!! VERY nice..leather seats that recline…can’t wait to take a trip on one!

Some of the other companies were:

Eco Friends Pest Control

Classic Superoof LLC

Storm Dorms


Austin Wood Recycling

Axium Solar

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If you’ve never been to an Earth Day event, check it out! It’s a really nice event and the weather this weekend in Dallas is going to be amazing!! There is something to do for EVERY age group!


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