Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2013: Dallas

I had such a great time! It wasn’t great because it was exciting (not that it wasn’t)…it was great because it was so RELAXING.

Walking through the festival, looking at all of the wonderful works of art, tends to relax me and really make me thankful for all that God has given me.

It’s amazing how much talent so many people have! If you’ve never been to an arts festival, you are missing out! It’s not just paintings and drawings! You’re gonna be amazed!!

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I got the wonderful opportunity to see and meet the creator of TwentyHeads, David Pound! What a great guy! If you have not seen his work, PLEASE  go by his site and check it out! I just wish that I could start a collection of his works because they are so original and captivating!! I could have stood there and studied them all day long! One day, I’m gonna have to start that collection!

Not only do I want a HEAD, but I also want a painting by Art By Tai! He is at every Art Festival I go to and I NEVER get tired of looking at his work!!! AMAZING! JUST the kind of art I would love to have covering my wall!!



2 thoughts on “Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2013: Dallas

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