Taco Borracho Review in Dallas

Oh my goodness!

taco borracho ext

First, let me apologize for not having a picture of the food I ate! I ate it entirely too fast and by the time I thought of taking a pic, it was half way gone. That would NOT have been a nice picture!

I’ve stopped in Taco Borracho a few times and tried out a few of the tacos. I happened to walk by today and they had a sign out front mentioning BURGERS! (I never knew they did burgers!)

Now, I’m not a really big burger eater at all, but I hadn’t had one in a while, so it sounded pretty tempting. The service is always pretty good there and Chuck gave me the ins and outs concerning the burgers they were offering!

One was called the Juicy Lucy! 2 patties with 2 pieces of cheese melted between them…supposed to be ooey and gooey, but that’s not my style.

The second one was the 50/50. This one was 50% ground meat and 50% chopped up bacon! Now you KNOW I had to leave that one alone!!

I decided on the third, which was the regular 1/2lb burger. I opted for everything plus grilled onions!

Remember I said I wasn’t really a burger person? Well, I’m SOLD on this burger!!! From the very first bite, it was delicious! The meat was so juicy! It was even cooked to well done. It was served with home cut fries and sweet ketchup! It was more than enough food to satisfy and it was amazing!

If you are ever downtown, Taco Borracho outdid themselves with the burgers! Seriously!! Go and get one!


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