10 Great Artists You Need To See!

R&M Social Media is always attending some art festival or hanging out and meeting people in the streets and at various social events! I’ve come across all kinds of different artists: Photographers, Sculptors, Glass Makers, Wood Designers, etc.

I thought I’d compile a small list to introduce you to some of the greats I’ve met here in the area.

Jean-Claude Louis Photography

Elizabeth Dunlop (Copper, Mixed Media)

Lindsay Designs (handmade Glass Beads, Fused Art Glass)

Pam Lee (BackPainted Glass)

Diane Antheunisse (Original and PlexiGlass Art)

Art By Tai (HE IS AMAZING!!)

Clark Crenshaw Photography

Doug Naugle Art

David Mayhew Photography

Can Do Planes (Uniquely Handcrafted Aluminum Can Model Planes)


Serious Pizza Review: Dallas

I had to stop and tell the staff on my way out that the pizza was AMAZING!! We ordered a medium pepperoni and it was MORE than enough for 3 people…we even brought 2 pieces home.

It was NY style pizza from a brick oven! I will definitely go back there! Since I was with Ramel and Marquel, I stuck to pepperoni, but they had all kinds of toppings and sauces to choose from!

The atmosphere was really friendly and down to earth and I can definitely see myself there again. Gotta bring Marvin!

Earth Day Dallas 2013


Wow! I had a great time at Earth Day! To be honest, last years event was a drag, but this year it rocked!! I think they added more hands on exhibits. I took Mel and his friend Marquel with me and we had a good time!

Some of the companies present were:

Rumble Against Cancer

Arborilogical Services, Inc

Garden Inspirations — had an awesome Truck Farm!

Natural Gas Vehicles

BullsEye Watering Mat

The Greatest Candle

It seemed like they had more food at this event too and you KNOW I like to eat! BUT I only had a cheesesteak sub (1/3 of it) because we were leaving there and going to the North Texas Taco Festival in Deep Ellum. I will tell you about that later!

I got to talk to 2 long timers with Dart.org. They had one of the new buses down there and I got to take a look inside and check out the new cameras! It’s like 4 or 5 on each bus! Love that! VERY necessary.

They also had the new Greyhound bus there too! I got some info from one of the drivers and he said that in maybe 2 years, all of the old buses should be replaced. They have wifi and outlets AT EVERY SEAT. LOVE that!! VERY nice..leather seats that recline…can’t wait to take a trip on one!

Some of the other companies were:

Eco Friends Pest Control

Classic Superoof LLC

Storm Dorms


Austin Wood Recycling

Axium Solar

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If you’ve never been to an Earth Day event, check it out! It’s a really nice event and the weather this weekend in Dallas is going to be amazing!! There is something to do for EVERY age group!

A Day Out in Dallas: Klyde Warren Park

I spent the day out with 2 of my friends and we ended up at Klyde Warren Park. If you haven’t visited yet, please do. This was only my 2nd time there, but it is fast becoming a favorite place of mine.

It was 80 degrees out and people were out laying on blankets and relaxing. Everyone had thier dogs out and the Food Trucks were thier posts. It’s a great atmosphere!

There is a children’s section to the park in case you need a place for your little ones to play. There is a reading corner with magazine and books and thier were even people there playing the piano.

There are water sprinklers for the kids also and you KNOW we need that here in Texas!!

Beautiful place, wonderful atmosphere! Go and check out Klyde Warren Park! Bring the whole family!

Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2013: Dallas

I had such a great time! It wasn’t great because it was exciting (not that it wasn’t)…it was great because it was so RELAXING.

Walking through the festival, looking at all of the wonderful works of art, tends to relax me and really make me thankful for all that God has given me.

It’s amazing how much talent so many people have! If you’ve never been to an arts festival, you are missing out! It’s not just paintings and drawings! You’re gonna be amazed!!

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I got the wonderful opportunity to see and meet the creator of TwentyHeads, David Pound! What a great guy! If you have not seen his work, PLEASE  go by his site and check it out! I just wish that I could start a collection of his works because they are so original and captivating!! I could have stood there and studied them all day long! One day, I’m gonna have to start that collection!

Not only do I want a HEAD, but I also want a painting by Art By Tai! He is at every Art Festival I go to and I NEVER get tired of looking at his work!!! AMAZING! JUST the kind of art I would love to have covering my wall!!


Taco Borracho Review in Dallas

Oh my goodness!

taco borracho ext

First, let me apologize for not having a picture of the food I ate! I ate it entirely too fast and by the time I thought of taking a pic, it was half way gone. That would NOT have been a nice picture!

I’ve stopped in Taco Borracho a few times and tried out a few of the tacos. I happened to walk by today and they had a sign out front mentioning BURGERS! (I never knew they did burgers!)

Now, I’m not a really big burger eater at all, but I hadn’t had one in a while, so it sounded pretty tempting. The service is always pretty good there and Chuck gave me the ins and outs concerning the burgers they were offering!

One was called the Juicy Lucy! 2 patties with 2 pieces of cheese melted between them…supposed to be ooey and gooey, but that’s not my style.

The second one was the 50/50. This one was 50% ground meat and 50% chopped up bacon! Now you KNOW I had to leave that one alone!!

I decided on the third, which was the regular 1/2lb burger. I opted for everything plus grilled onions!

Remember I said I wasn’t really a burger person? Well, I’m SOLD on this burger!!! From the very first bite, it was delicious! The meat was so juicy! It was even cooked to well done. It was served with home cut fries and sweet ketchup! It was more than enough food to satisfy and it was amazing!

If you are ever downtown, Taco Borracho outdid themselves with the burgers! Seriously!! Go and get one!

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