Review: The Fried Chicken Shack, NYC

Nestled on the east side of  Spanish Harlem between Lexington ave and 3rd ave and east 106 th street,  lies the doors of a soul food restaurant I came across while doing a moving job in Harlem. I vowed to come back and  try some of this really great smelling food!

The Fried Chicken Shack is the name of this small, soulful eatery with a few tables and chairs for seating. I checked out the menu and saw some collard greens (which was a heavenly!). Next up was this really tasty sweet potato pudding with marshmallows on top alongside some fried chicken that was very light and crunchy at the same time along with some pretty tasty corn bread.

I really enjoyed my meal and definitely will be back . Thanks Corey for your awesome customer service.


Floors and windows clean
Working area very clean
Great for a after work dinner or Sunday meal. Not sure if they cater.


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