Candy Galaxy Review: Who Loves Candy?!

I do!!

I know what you’re thinking…”she’s a diabetic; how can she love candy?”

Well, I do! I didn’t say it was good for me, I just said I love it!

My wonderful friends at Candy Galaxy sent me some Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies, Strawberry Gummi Bears and Strawberry Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

Now, Gummi Bears are one of my favorite candies, but I only eat Haribo brand. Normally other gummies are too soft for me and I like the work I have to put in to eating Haribo’s. (Most people complain about that, but that’s actually what I like about them…their GUMMINESS!)

I was surprised that Candy Galaxy’s had that same gumminess as Haribo, so I was really pleased…and the  strawberry flavor is definitely there! VERY nice. Yes, I will be eating those…very slowly….

Now, Jelly Beans have NEVER been a favorite of mine, but my son is eating them by the handful! I did taste them and they were good, but I’m gonna have to pass those off to my son…it’s like Candy Corn, I can only eat about one and then I’m done!

Now, the cookies?!! WooHoo!! Outstanding! I normally don’t like nuts in my cookies and ice cream, but they were really good! I may have to actually try to get my hands on more of those! They were VERY good and my son was getting on my nerves asking for them! I gave him a few, but to be honest, I ate most of them myself!

If you’re interested in ordering some candy for a friend or relative, I recommend Candy Galaxy! They even have retro candies; You know the awesome candy you grew up on?! Go by and take a look and try not to go crazy!



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