Review: The Fried Chicken Shack, NYC

Nestled on the east side of  Spanish Harlem between Lexington ave and 3rd ave and east 106 th street,  lies the doors of a soul food restaurant I came across while doing a moving job in Harlem. I vowed to come back and  try some of this really great smelling food!

The Fried Chicken Shack is the name of this small, soulful eatery with a few tables and chairs for seating. I checked out the menu and saw some collard greens (which was a heavenly!). Next up was this really tasty sweet potato pudding with marshmallows on top alongside some fried chicken that was very light and crunchy at the same time along with some pretty tasty corn bread.

I really enjoyed my meal and definitely will be back . Thanks Corey for your awesome customer service.


Floors and windows clean
Working area very clean
Great for a after work dinner or Sunday meal. Not sure if they cater.


Candy Galaxy Review: Who Loves Candy?!

I do!!

I know what you’re thinking…”she’s a diabetic; how can she love candy?”

Well, I do! I didn’t say it was good for me, I just said I love it!

My wonderful friends at Candy Galaxy sent me some Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies, Strawberry Gummi Bears and Strawberry Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

Now, Gummi Bears are one of my favorite candies, but I only eat Haribo brand. Normally other gummies are too soft for me and I like the work I have to put in to eating Haribo’s. (Most people complain about that, but that’s actually what I like about them…their GUMMINESS!)

I was surprised that Candy Galaxy’s had that same gumminess as Haribo, so I was really pleased…and the  strawberry flavor is definitely there! VERY nice. Yes, I will be eating those…very slowly….

Now, Jelly Beans have NEVER been a favorite of mine, but my son is eating them by the handful! I did taste them and they were good, but I’m gonna have to pass those off to my son…it’s like Candy Corn, I can only eat about one and then I’m done!

Now, the cookies?!! WooHoo!! Outstanding! I normally don’t like nuts in my cookies and ice cream, but they were really good! I may have to actually try to get my hands on more of those! They were VERY good and my son was getting on my nerves asking for them! I gave him a few, but to be honest, I ate most of them myself!

If you’re interested in ordering some candy for a friend or relative, I recommend Candy Galaxy! They even have retro candies; You know the awesome candy you grew up on?! Go by and take a look and try not to go crazy!


We Sold Our First Piece of Art!!

I was just about to take a mid day nap on Friday when the phone rang…It was Shawn from Cafe Brazil (Deep Ellum location) calling to let me know that our art piece, MY NEW YORK, had been sold!!

He told me that a sweet, young couple came in for dinner on Valentine’s day and bought it! What a rush! I couldn’t wait to call Marvin and let him know! This is our first sale on one of our art pieces and I feel just like a proud mama!!



Our artwork hung there for maybe 2 months before it was sold and I am SO happy!! I’m so thankful that Cafe Brazil helps artists in the community by showing their work! I think that’s amazing!

R&M Social Media Loves You!

I’d just like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers and friends! We love you guys and we hope you get lots of love today!!


From Rachel and Marvin!

R&M Social Media Grunge!

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