R&M Present at a Taping of Totally Biased on FX!

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Out and about with  R&M Social Media on a wonderful day in Harlem, New York. The sun was out and it was a very warm day for this time of the year. While canvassing the east side of 125 th street, I hit the corner of Lexington Ave and what did I see?  A camera crew!  I noticed it was W. Kamau Bell of Totally Biased, taping a upcoming episode to be aired around New Years!

They were doing interviews on the street, just stopping random pedestrians as they would walk by. I had a chance to say a few words with him while waiting for the crew to queue him up.
I quickly popped out a handy business card for R&M Social Media and was afforded camera shots  upfront right along with the cameras and photographers!!

R&M Social Media was on the scene!! Check out Totally Biased on FX


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