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Merry Christmas from Marvin & Rachel!

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Newest Artwork by R&M Social Media


Do you need a special picture of yours turned into artwork and put on canvas? Let us know and we can make it extra special!

We Are Now on Etsy!

R&M has finally opened an Etsy Shop! We have listed 4 of our products for sale and more are soon to come. We will be adding them slowly so please be sure to check back often.

We can make you a custom canvas of one of your prints or you can order one of ours. Marvin and I enjoy taking regular photographs and turning them into artwork!

If there is ever a picture of ours you have seen here that you would like a print of, please just ask!


Swiss Colony Sugar Free Cheesecake Tarts! (review and pics)

Have you ever ordered anything from Swiss Colony? I get their catalog every year and always say I’m going to order, but then don’t! Well, this time I did. When I look through the book, I always see SO many things that I’d like to try but since I’m trying to get my diabetes under control, I decided on Sugar Free Cheesecake Tarts.

I wasn’t really expecting anything too good, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were very moist and you couldn’t really tell that they were sugar free! Next year I will be sure to put my order in early!

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Trucks For Tots: Deep Ellum 2012

I decided at the last minute that I wanted to go and check this out! ( What is Trucks for Tots?)It had been awhile since I’d gotten to visit any of my food trucks, so I was looking forward to it. The sun is finally starting to come out but this morning, it was just cloudy and warm.

Trucks for Tots is being held in Deep Ellum right off of the Green Line Station. It was VERY convenient for me to get to! I was surprised when I got there that there wasn’t more people, but I think I may have been alittle too early.

From the station you could see the bounce houses and the Pet Rescue animals. The whole event was smaller than I thought it would be, but it WAS nice being able to eat from the food trucks without the massive lines!!

Since I was alone, I didn’t get to sample but 2 of the trucks….by the time I was done I was stuffed!! First, I got a pepperoni pizza from Gepetto’s Pizza Truck and it was amazing!!!! I would definitely eat from there again!!

And for dessert, I tried the Begian Waffle truck! Marvin had sampled their counterpart in NYC, Wafels and Dinges, and said it was worth a stop! And let me just say, he was right!!! I had the Wafel Wafel with chocolate drizzle, raspberries and a scoop of blue bell vanilla icecream on top!!! HEAVENLY!!

I went to be last night not feeling too well, so I didn’t plan to stay out too long, but I had a good time just getting out and seeing all of the trucks!

Wish I could have sampled more food!

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R&M visits the Set of Black Inc.

Black Ink is a new reality show from Harlem, New York.
“The employees are a tight but totally dysfunctional ‘family.’ For many of them, this shop is the key to turning around their lives and for some of them it’s their first legitimate job off the streets. But can they survive all of the drama that is part of everyday life at the shop?”

The black-owned and operated tattoo parlor located on 113th and Lennox Avenue has acquired an impressive list of celebrity clients that include Amare Stoudemire, Keri Hilson, Tyson Beckford, Jadakiss and more.

I had a chance to catch them taking photos of the front of the Black Ink shop .
Great time catching you guys!! Check out their video here!

R&M Present at a Taping of Totally Biased on FX!

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Out and about with  R&M Social Media on a wonderful day in Harlem, New York. The sun was out and it was a very warm day for this time of the year. While canvassing the east side of 125 th street, I hit the corner of Lexington Ave and what did I see?  A camera crew!  I noticed it was W. Kamau Bell of Totally Biased, taping a upcoming episode to be aired around New Years!

They were doing interviews on the street, just stopping random pedestrians as they would walk by. I had a chance to say a few words with him while waiting for the crew to queue him up.
I quickly popped out a handy business card for R&M Social Media and was afforded camera shots  upfront right along with the cameras and photographers!!

R&M Social Media was on the scene!! Check out Totally Biased on FX