Candy Galaxy is Giving Away 100 lbs of Candy!!

Do you like candy?

Well, of course you do but if you don’t, then I KNOW that you know somebody who DOES!!

Candy Galaxy is givng away 100 lbs of candy!!! This giveaway is amazing!!

If you haven’t checked them out before, (remember the guys I bought the edible crickets from?)  just stop by their website and see all of the amazing goodies they have!!  Any kind of candy you are looking for, you can find it there!!!

And just for stopping by and checking out their goods, feel free to use coupon smdallas20 when you purchase to get an extra 20% off just for being one of my readers!!!! How about that?!!

It’s Christmas time! Who couldn’t use some candy?!! The contest runs from Nov 16 – Dec 16! Easy entries! No Purchase Necessary! Don’t miss out on this!

And while you’re there entering, don’t forget to use code smdallas20 to try out some of the goodies!! Good luck to you!


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