Blue Bell: This Type 2 Loves You!

Now as many of you know, I love to eat. Not only do I love to eat, but I love SWEETS! And yes, I am a type 2 diabetic, so it’s always a struggle for me.

I’m on a new mission to find the best low fat, low sugar goodies out there!! I need your help! If you know of any sugar free goodies I need to try, please let me know. I’m trying really hard to change the way I eat and to get my body functioning like it should be.

But I am a firm believer that you should enjoy the things that you eat!! If it doesn’t taste good, I don’t want it! So…..I bought my first pint of Blue Bell No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream! Ice Cream is my 2nd favorite snack besides Cookies, so I was really excited to see what it tasted like….

It’s great!!! Now that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to eat the whole pint at one time, BUT I do feel alittle better about buying this over the regular one! It would probably even be good with some fruit!

If you love ice cream but don’t want all of the sugar, check this out! I love you Blue Bell!!


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