Check Out Roe’s Catering Service in NYC!

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Here is a review of what should be a tasty treat from Google+ Roshon Martin or Roe’s Catering Service in NYC. Roshon has one of the larger followings on G+ and I was glad to come across him!  Busy as I was this summer, Roshon and I just couldn’t get our timing together to get this grub on! A brother is always showcasing his awesome looking dishes so you know I had to get a taste!
So we got our act together and decided to meet in Harlem on the day of the Afro- American Day parade, which in itself was a challenge because of the traffic and no parking!

Roshon had let me know the meal he had in mind for me to sample: oxtails, beans and rice, and cabbage. I get this awesome looking plate which is nice and heavy and looked amazing! Warming this plate up in the microwave, I could smell the oxtails! Man oh man! This is going to be good! As I take my first taste the well- cooked cabbage with small cuts of potatoes, I am reminded of my grandmother.

The oxtails were well done and had a wonderful clean taste which is good. I tasted the meat instead of a lot of seasonings. I was looking forward to a different twist to this traditional west Indian meal, maybe a thicker base or gravy, but all in all, a good eat and combination with the cabbage.

The last part of this meal wasn’t the usual way I would have expected beans and rice. I’ve always been used to peas and rice combos even with other ethnic cooked meals, but Roshon pulled it off without the dreaded sticky or dry rice and the beans were actually done very well! Great work Roshon.

If I had been paying for this meal, I can honestly say I would have been satisfied with the dinner itself and the overall effort put into it. I loved the meal and thank you Roshon!

Keep up the good work!



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