Sushi From A Food Truck?!

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There is one good thing about the school year starting back up for me. I knew that the food trucks were always downtown someplace, so I could just leave class and find a few! And so I did!

Crazy Fish, The Butcher’s Son, Entice Shaved Ice and Rock n Ricks were stationed at the Myerson Symphony Center in the Dallas Arts District! The only one of those I had already tried was Enticed and they are awesome! Their shaved ices are the best!!

This time I decided to try out The Butcher’s Son first. Taylor was my server and he greeted me with a smile! They had a great menu and since I hadn’t planned on trying trucks that day, I didn’t bring lots of money with me!LOL So, I had to go for something small, so I chose the Mama Mia Meatball Slider! Boy, was it good! Giant meatball and sauce on awesome bread. Sometimes when you buy sandwiches, the bread completely ruins it, but not this time! The bread was very soft and the meatball was delicious!

I didn’t get a chance to eat at Rock n Ricks this time, but I will surely try them next time! Then I decided to go over to the Crazy Fish truck. I had seen them before at other Food Truck events and knew that they were a Sushi truck, so I never went near them!LOl

No, I’ve never had sushi, but guess what? One of the girls on the truck named Teneill (sorry for the spelling!) talked me into it! I decided to try the Crazy Cali roll with Crab Salad, avocado, cucumber and eel sauce! One thing is for sure, the packaging was beautiful!

Actually, it wasn’t bad! I only ate about 3 of them cause I didn’t want to overload my system too much at one time, but I did enjoy them! The crab salad portion was especially good, and the serving size for the price was outstanding!

I should have topped everything off with Enticed, but I got water instead and headed home! Great eating with the Food Trucks though! I can cross Crazy Fish and The Butcher’s Son off of my TO DO list! Onto the next ones!!


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