NYC Farmers Market Review with Pics!

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Can you believe I actually had a vendor refuse to allow me to take a photograph of her wonderful looking work? I really didn’t understand an artist not wanting their work to be seen! I’ve heard of that before, but never encountered it. New one for me!

But now let’s talk about the new and old awesome folks at the market! My first visit was with a new vendor who offered produce: Mr.Gudelio Garcia of Poblano Farm of upstate New York. He a great array of produce! It was rich in color and awesome in size! I had a great conversation with his wife and son and they told me how it was a pleasure that they could be in Harlem to bring his produce to our community. You can find out more about them on Facebook.  It was a true pleasure to talk to them!

Winnie Burch of Moetleh Cards and Bags took the time to talk to me and I was very grateful. She talked to me about her beliefs and faith when she ventured out on her own by herself. Her awesome handmade bags ranged in leather cuts, shapes and colors. They are hand stitched bags from her heart. You can find her great works at .

My  favorite of all the vendors is the owner of Love Joy Sweet Treats Inc. She always has something new for me to try like her vegan Twinkies and this great tasting all natural drink made from cucumber, lemons and raw brown sugar. I was shocked at how tasty it was! You can find this and more at!

After that, it was time to eat! I was hungry so I tried the Scotch Bonnet Grill and talked to Damian Perrin (owner and a great guy). He also took the time to fill me in on some the great foods and how he got started cooking.  He got me to try his Jerk Chicken, peas and rice and mac and cheese, which was, in hood terms, “slamming”! It was a great meal and I will be sure to visit these guys again in Queens. You can find out more about them at

A great time was had by all and this will not be my last visit to the Farmers Market!!


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