Food Truck Rally NYC: 8/19/12

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Well I’m just going to say food trucks are like a growing interest of my kids and I, besides the fact it’s my work. This is my second truck event or with the kids.

Heading into Park Slope Brooklyn on a Sunday at times can be a mess but we managed and were lucky the train line was running well.  Erica and Eric have taken a liking to these review trips and just enjoy all the awesome foods we get to taste.

As we arrived at the Grand Army Plaza, you could see the trucks lined up in last stand style! There were a few regulars and a whole bunch of trucks we haven’t tasted yet.

Today I wanted to try my first iced coffee. I saw the NYC Love Street Coffee Truck and decided to try a large iced Java with Splenda fixed by its 50 something owner Douglas (which I really thought was cool since I’m in my 40s). It’s not the coffee or the owner, it’s me! I’m just a hot java dude! From the start, I knew this wasn’t for me at all! Sound the alert: Dunkin Donuts, there is no chance of me becoming an ice coffee junkie!

As we headed into the wagon circle of great grub, I looked for some of the notables and noticed hey its a few trucks missing that were supposed to be here! Oh well! The journey began with checking out the pretty trucks (as Erica calls them) Mikes n Willies, Phil’s Steaks, Wafels & Dinges and Eddie’s Pizza. They were among our favorites that were there, and we actually had a chance to get a 3 rd tasting from Eddie’s Pizza. We searched out some of the local and lesser known trucks, and oh boy! What a treat!

My time in North Miami had me longing for the Cuban delights, so a Cuban from the Bongo Bros truck was in order! The toasted flat bread, roasted pork with a dab of mustard and pickles were a delightful way to start the eats off!  Erica had a chance to actually say it was good, even with the mustard and pickles, which she doesn’t normally eat.

Eric ventured off to try some of Eddie’s Pizza, which he refused the several times I hit the cart off of Broadway in the city. The flat bread sausage pizza was really a treat. I always rave about the tomatoes! Eric gave a thumb up, along with me and Erica.

For my and Erica’s main course we had the big bad brisket, with these amazing chips! It was a slow cooked beef brisket in smoked chipotle BBQ sauce, topped with crispy onions. The whole thing was outta this world!  The crispy onions, great chips and an old fashion bottled top (with an attached opener on the truck) made this sandwich well worth the long line in the heat.

Our sweet treat was a repeat for all of us! We went to Wafels & Dinges again, but added a new twist: the ginger bread, Belgium ice cream topped with strawberries!  Eric had the vanilla bean Belgium ice cream on a waffle topped with strawberries and powdered sugar… mmmmmm…so good! He was very quiet while indulging in this delight, which is always a great sign!

We will surely be back to see and taste these great foods on wheels! Up next AfroPunk Festival 2012!!


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