ASAE2012 Doubletake Dallas (with pics)

I must say, I was impressed with the amount of offerings the city had for it’s Associates! As I performed my duties as a greeter/way finder, I got jealous! One day I would LOVE for R&M Social Media to attend a business meeting like ASAE! There were all different types of people coming by to register. None of them looked the same. Overall, everybody I encountered was REALLY nice and seemed to be in good spirits!

The Convention Center was beautiful and so was every exhibit that was set up! I got the chance to speak to the Director Ron King who was very nice and helpful to me! (I didn’t know who he was when I went up to him asking for help!)

ASAE is definitely an organization that R&M Social would like to stay in touch with . One day we will be listed as an Attendee!

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and to be a part of such a special event!


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