Parked Food Truck Festival 2012 NYC

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Well, lets start by saying its been a long work week for me and I’ve been waiting for this event for 2 weeks now. Doing festivals and food truck events has been a very  big change in my life and has opened me up to so many different foods and people.

On Saturday August 5th, my two kids and I, Eric and Erica  took the train ride downtown to the South Street Seaport to have  a look at the great  Parked Food Truck event. I’m covering this event as co founder of R&M Social Media, photographer and snoop. And as a snoop with the craving for food truck food, I know not to stop for the first pretty truck I see.

Having the kids with me, as my secondary photographers and food tasters,   was a big change to my regular day where as I spend most of my time with my lovely partner, Rachel. She takes my photos and daily info and jobs and turn them into awesome blog posts! So let’s begin!

My first stop was to shoot by Sweetery NYC  to say hello. Their food is some of the best you will find on the NYC streets! I also stopped to say hello to William and my new friends at GoBurger! . My objective was to then find some of the trucks that I haven’t had a chance to sample.

As we walked thru the crowded areas set aside for the event, Erica saw the Mimi and Coco   food stand for some of what would be our first taste of Teriyaki Balls. We had the trio of  country sausage, juicy shrimp and organic potato balls. They were truly awesome and topped with shaved almonds  and tempura flakes and teriyaki sauce. The girls on the truck were very busy and didnt have much time to chit chat, but were very nice to me and my kids!

Next,  we navigated our way to the pop up stand of Brooklyn Piggies. The piggie itself was a great tasting frank with amazing sauces. We tried the BBQ. Outstanding!

After that, we ran into Urban Lobster. These guys caught my eye in Brooklyn earlier in the week while I was on a moving job working hard. I let them know that  I would be coming Saturday to snatch the best catch of the day; and so we did!  We had the lobster roll, which was a fine tasting served with a salad on top along with some lemon -lime soda which actually went very well together. Even Erica liked it!!

Erica was then on her way to being a Social Media Diva at Lizzmonade where she went for a combo of cherry and strawberry. I was surprised at how natural it tasted! Once again, Erica picked a winner!

Then we checked out The Spur Tree at 76 Orchard st,  nyc 10002 (212) 477 9977. They are  more into catering  and had some very good peas, rice and jerk chicken which I actually had as a main course. The jerk chicken was as hot and tasty as you will find anywhere!

The Jam Stand was an eye catcher for Erica! She tasted some of the strawberry jam and was like “where is the peanut butter?” She thought it was “awesome”!

Go Burger was Erica’s choice for her main course. She had the 101 Burger and skinny fries with a sprite and was again thumbs up on the taste! She especially liked the fries.

Eric’s choice was the Ahh La Cart. He had this huge plate of fries with several sauces for dipping and chicken strips, which he really liked!  Thumbs up ladies!!


The biggest challenge was finding that ending treat for Erica! As we searched  among the trucks, I noticed Eddies Pizza. I went to say hi to Freddie and the crew! They always have some of the best sliders in the city with the greatest tasting tomatoes around!  The meatball and chicken are my favorites.

Wafels & Dings is the treat I knew my darling Erica would like! While working one of my many jobs, I did a floor at 59 th and Columbus and these guys were always there. I’d always wanted to try them so this was my chance! The waffles were soft and chewy and topped with a belgum ice cream wich tasted like it was made for just for us!! The ice cream was topped with strawberries and tasted amazing!! Thanks Paul!


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