Candy Galaxy Review (with pics…and Edible Crickets!)

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I received my package from Candy Galaxy yesterday!! I found them online one day while being nosy. Actually, I was online and typed in Edible Bugs and their name came up! Why was I looking for edible bugs? I had just finished watching an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern!LOL

If you don’t know, I love all things food! I watch Food Network Star, Man vs. Food, Top Chef, Chopped, the Great Food Truck Race, Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Wanted!

I decided for this Candy Galaxy review, I would actually video tape myself trying out the goods! This was my first time uploading video of myself so give me a break!! I’ll get better!

I’ve gotta say, the crickets were not as bad as I thought they’d be! If you were to put them in a salad, you’ve never know they were there! I’d of course have to chop them up so my son wouldn’t know they were bugs!

Candy Galaxy doesn’t just have bugs! They have rock candy, laffy taffy and Jolly Rancher Twists! For the candy lovers, they have everything you need! You can even buy candy bars in bulk!!! I would LOVE a box of  Hershey Bars!!LOL

If you’d like to give a nice, unexpected gift to someone, check out Candy Galaxy!! You can’t go wrong with candy!! Find them on Twitter and Facebook!


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