Custo Cookie Review!! (with pics!)

I had come across Custo Cookie a few months ago. Yes, I’m always online looking up food!! I remember when I saw their website, I immediately called Marvin and told him about it! The thing that was so interesting is that you get to custom make your cookies! You pick the dough that you want and then the add ins!

You can choose between Butter, Classic, Chocolate or Oatmeal Dough. (Next time I’m trying out the Oatmeal!) This time I went with Classic and Mel went with Butter!

After you pick the dough, you get to check out the Add ins! They are broken down into categories: Chips (chocolate, cinnamon, lemon…), Candy, Fruits, Nuts and Other. Under Other you have things like Graham Crackers and Rainbow Sprinkles!

Now me personally, I don’t like fruit in my cookies; not too big on Nuts either, but LOVE Candy! So for my Classic Dough, I added in Twix Bars, Peanut Butter Chips and Milk Chocoalte Chips!! I was also thinking about Snickers and Resses Pieces! You can put in up to 5 Add ins, but I kept it light and only put in 3! LOL

Mel took it alittle further! In his Butter Dough, he added Twix, Semi Sweet Bits, White Chocolate Chips, Kit Kat and Milk Chocolate Chips!

I just LOVE the way they came packaged!! The small boxes were adorable and each cookie was individually wrapped. None of them were broken or anything! Beautiful presentation!

Custo Cookie would be an AWESOME place to order gifts from!! Your family and friends would love it!!

After I took pictures of the cookies, we immediately dug in! We tried Mel’s Butter Cookie first. His dough was soft and I noticed that it wasn’t very sweet , but who needs sweet dough when you have all of that candy!! He seemed to enjoy his, but Mel and I never like the same kinds of cookies, so I wasn’t surprised when his didn’t excite me.

Then we broke open mine! Now, remember, I had classic dough, twix, milk chocolate and peanut butter chips. I immediately noticed my dough was alitte firmer than his. My cookie was more crunchy than soft. You could really taste the peanut butter chips more than anything and I really like them! Mel didn’t.  But are we surprised at that? NOOOO!

Overall, I am VERY happy with the cookies and think they are marvelous. I can always throw one of mine in the microwave if I want to eat it gooey with some ice cream!! UH OH, IDEA!!!!

Custo Cookie, thank you so much! You guys got my order out nice and quick and it was very nice connecting with you on Twitter and Facebook! You’ve added a lifelong customer!!


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