Go Burger NYC Food Truck Review

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“Although famous for our habit-forming burgers, spiked milkshakes and floats, GO Burger has an extensive menu with something for everyone, from meat aficionados to vegetarians. Our menu features familiar favorites from BLT Burger and the GO Burger truck, as well as new signatures like the “UltiMELT,” and Korean BBQ Beef Tacos.” ~~Go Burger

Marvin is steadily finding new ways to make me jealous about not living in NYC!!! His newest find: Go Burger Food Truck!

The other day Marvin tried out their Go2 Burger and Skinny Fries!! Said it was great and made me want a burger!!

If you’re in NYC, check them out!!! Find them on Twitter! You won’t be sorry!


Candy Galaxy Review (with pics…and Edible Crickets!)

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I received my package from Candy Galaxy yesterday!! I found them online one day while being nosy. Actually, I was online and typed in Edible Bugs and their name came up! Why was I looking for edible bugs? I had just finished watching an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern!LOL

If you don’t know, I love all things food! I watch Food Network Star, Man vs. Food, Top Chef, Chopped, the Great Food Truck Race, Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Wanted!

I decided for this Candy Galaxy review, I would actually video tape myself trying out the goods! This was my first time uploading video of myself so give me a break!! I’ll get better!

I’ve gotta say, the crickets were not as bad as I thought they’d be! If you were to put them in a salad, you’ve never know they were there! I’d of course have to chop them up so my son wouldn’t know they were bugs!

Candy Galaxy doesn’t just have bugs! They have rock candy, laffy taffy and Jolly Rancher Twists! For the candy lovers, they have everything you need! You can even buy candy bars in bulk!!! I would LOVE a box of  Hershey Bars!!LOL

If you’d like to give a nice, unexpected gift to someone, check out Candy Galaxy!! You can’t go wrong with candy!! Find them on Twitter and Facebook!

Stepping Inside of Hue-Man Books For The Last Time

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Marvin got the chance to go into Hue-Man Bookstore the other day and take a look at some of  it’s last offerings.

This bookstore had become very important to the community and it’s a shame to see it closing. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS:

The physical store will close, but Allen said Hue-Man will shift into a new type of business that includes pop-up events in Harlem, as well as other cities and countries.” ~~Manhattan Times


“The store will have its first pop-up event on Sept. 6th at the Kalahari Cultural Center on Fifth Ave. and 116th St. with Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade.”

Sometimes you have to “let go to grow”! (We learned that from our friends Doug & Polly!)

Custo Cookie Review!! (with pics!)

I had come across Custo Cookie a few months ago. Yes, I’m always online looking up food!! I remember when I saw their website, I immediately called Marvin and told him about it! The thing that was so interesting is that you get to custom make your cookies! You pick the dough that you want and then the add ins!

You can choose between Butter, Classic, Chocolate or Oatmeal Dough. (Next time I’m trying out the Oatmeal!) This time I went with Classic and Mel went with Butter!

After you pick the dough, you get to check out the Add ins! They are broken down into categories: Chips (chocolate, cinnamon, lemon…), Candy, Fruits, Nuts and Other. Under Other you have things like Graham Crackers and Rainbow Sprinkles!

Now me personally, I don’t like fruit in my cookies; not too big on Nuts either, but LOVE Candy! So for my Classic Dough, I added in Twix Bars, Peanut Butter Chips and Milk Chocoalte Chips!! I was also thinking about Snickers and Resses Pieces! You can put in up to 5 Add ins, but I kept it light and only put in 3! LOL

Mel took it alittle further! In his Butter Dough, he added Twix, Semi Sweet Bits, White Chocolate Chips, Kit Kat and Milk Chocolate Chips!

I just LOVE the way they came packaged!! The small boxes were adorable and each cookie was individually wrapped. None of them were broken or anything! Beautiful presentation!

Custo Cookie would be an AWESOME place to order gifts from!! Your family and friends would love it!!

After I took pictures of the cookies, we immediately dug in! We tried Mel’s Butter Cookie first. His dough was soft and I noticed that it wasn’t very sweet , but who needs sweet dough when you have all of that candy!! He seemed to enjoy his, but Mel and I never like the same kinds of cookies, so I wasn’t surprised when his didn’t excite me.

Then we broke open mine! Now, remember, I had classic dough, twix, milk chocolate and peanut butter chips. I immediately noticed my dough was alitte firmer than his. My cookie was more crunchy than soft. You could really taste the peanut butter chips more than anything and I really like them! Mel didn’t.  But are we surprised at that? NOOOO!

Overall, I am VERY happy with the cookies and think they are marvelous. I can always throw one of mine in the microwave if I want to eat it gooey with some ice cream!! UH OH, IDEA!!!!

Custo Cookie, thank you so much! You guys got my order out nice and quick and it was very nice connecting with you on Twitter and Facebook! You’ve added a lifelong customer!!

I Found a Penny Today…


Everyday I’m on the phone with Marvin and he’s telling me that he just found a penny! He always stops and picks them up and sometimes I give a little giggle.

But this morning on my way to the store, I saw a penny….and I thought about Marvin.

I picked up the penny this time and smiled.


Amazing Food Trucks Across the USA!

Sweetery NYC posted this article on Facebook and I HAD to re-share it! Want to see some amazing food trucks across the United States?!! Check these out!!

You can find the article at the Yellow Pages right here: http://www.yellowpages.com/features/food/food-trucks-worth-stalking/3-superstar/

I would LOVE to be able to get to LA and try out that Grilled Cheese Truck!!

Which one would YOU try?

New Designs for July 20th

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Taste of Dallas 2012 Review with Pics!

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First of all, let me just say: I had a blast!!! Since yesterday was the first day, I wanted to be one of the first people there….so of course I ended up there 30 minutes before they opened the gates!LOL

It wasn’t really a big deal sitting at Fair Park Station. Atleast, you’re out of the sun and you have a pretty nice view. They opened the gates promptly at 4pm and by then I was kind of excited! While sitting at the station, I happened to see The Butcher’s Son and Gandolpho’s New York Deli food trucks roll by!

My plan was to make a complete loop around the whole complex just to sit how everything was set up. So I did. Everything was really nice to look at, the fountains were going and the music was playing and I was feeling pretty good.

On my first loop I saw the great looking JellyBelly truck and right near it was Trailer Cakes! So of course I stopped in to say hi and let them know that I’d be back by to check out their cupcakes. The girls were really nice and put me in good spirits for the rest of my loop.

I also passed Tiff’s Treats and had to stop and ask how to find their location in downtown Dallas. I went looking for it once and came up empty handed. Now that I know exactly how to get there, i’ll pay them a visit. Their cookies were outstanding!!!!!! Especially the chocolate chip!! I took a few home for Mel and he loved them too!

At the middle of the loop, I saw the breakaway for the Food Trucks, so you KNOW I had to detour! What was it? About 10 or 15 trucks in a circle and the best thing about them? NO LINES!!!! Woo Hoo!!

My first stop was with Cafe Con Leche. Mr. Martinez came out and introduced me to everyone. He was very sweet and so were the girls! I decided to try his Classic Cuban sandwich and just let me say, WOW, it was amazing!! I would LOVE to have a six inch sub of that one!!!

In the food truck circle, they had a nice tent set up with chairs and tables, so you didn’t have to stand out in the sun and eat, so I took a break. Next, I decided to go over and talk to the guys and girls at the Nammi Truck. They have been at every Food Truck event I’ve gone to, but I can never get any of their food cause their line is always the longest!! NO LINES today!!

The guys and girls working the Nammi Truck were really nice and upbeat. They were a really lively bunch of young people who didn’t mind chatting with you and making you feel comfortable. (GREAT meeting you guys!!)

Afterwards, I stepped over to Gandolpho’s New York Deli truck, but wasn’t greeted with much enthusiasm, so I didn’t bother buying anything. A kind word goes a long way guys.

I really enjoyed the Honey Glazed Pork from the Nammi Truck! Very sweet and tender! Would definitely try it again. Now, I know why their line is always long! Great food and great people!

I left the food trucks and continued my loop. The Taste of Dallas also had both buildings full of vendors as well. That way, you could get a little break from the sun and enjoy the air conditioning for a moment or two! MUCH NEEDED!

I got to say hello to Jimmy Ellis and check out some of his art work. Also got to meet the young lady at Sugar Box and got to sample a Red Velvet Cake Ball! Amazing!!! She told me that they take the cake batter and mix it with butter cream to get that silky smooth texture!! It’s then baked and dipped in white chocolate! Worth buying!!

Then I ventured over to the ladies at Sadie B Foods. They specialize in authentic Caribbean Sauces. I tried one of their hot sauces on a tortilla and if you can’t stand spicy, do NOT try this one! It was great!  Good for basically any kind of meat or chips and such, but they also had a sweeter version for the mild tongued people out there. They were very nice ladies and made me feel very welcome.

I also came across Cosmo Universal Art who I happened to see at the City Arts Festival a few months back! Very talented! I also got to speak to the lady at The Cake Ball Company. She was really nice and explained to me that they were the original cake ball people…lol…NOT the Sugar Box!

After catching a break from the heat, I went back to Trailer Cakes for my dessert! I ordered the Main Squeeze which is their lemon cupcake. Boy, was it good!! After another loop of the festival, I even went back and got another one!! So worth it!! Outstanding!!! That frosting was out of this world!!

The entire Taste of Dallas was amazing and I am SO glad they moved it to Fair Park! It used to be at the West End, but it’s much better now! If you’ve never checked it out, it’s a don’t miss! Bring the family and enjoy. It doesn’t cost much to get a full belly, trust me!!

Thanks to everyone there who helped me to have a great time!!! See you next year!!

New Designs: July11

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Contact us at rmsocialmediadallas@gmail.com to inquire about prints.

Check out some of our other designs at our store: http://www.cafepress.com/rmsocialmedia