Great Advertising Opportunity for Your Small Business!

Marvin and I are in the process of planning his second trip to Dallas, TX! It’s being scheduled for mid July so there’s not much time left. We decided to try out Megabus for this trip. It gives Marvin a chance to stop in DC and sightsee (he’s gonna love that!)! The trip will take him 2 days on Megabus and you KNOW we will be documenting everything along the way! We’re gonna be blowing up Twitter and Foursquare!

If you’d like to take part in a T-Shirt Campaign during those 2 days, we are offering that service for a fee of $30/day! Marvin will wear your company branded T-shirt during his Megabus trip and we will document his every move on Twitter and Foursquare with pictures and links to your business information! You can’t beat that!

We can wear your t-shirt for one day or two!

Once Marvin arrives in Dallas, he will be attending his first Taste of Dallas celebration! Yes, we are gonna be eating fools!! People from all over Texas will be visiting the metroplex for this event at Fair Park!

We will even take it a step further: Want us to wear your T-Shirt at the Taste of Dallas?!  We can do that too! Just shoot me an email at and let me know you’re interested!

You see how much we are on Twitter and Foursquare! Don’t pass up this opportunity to get your business name out there!


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