The King of Food Trucks: Sweetery NYC

As you all know: I love to eat. It’s actually one of my favorite pastimes, and the creation of the food truck did nothing to help this! The idea of good food, prepared and served from a truck has always drawn me!LOL

I’ve gotten the chance to sample a few trucks here in Dallas and even got to meet and talk with the great guys from Three Lions Food Truck. I’m hooked and intrigued.

Even though I live in Dallas, I’ve become pretty attached to Sweetery NYC Food Truck in New York City! Weird, huh?

Marvin and I heard about them online one day and a friendship was born! Thier truck is awesome enough to catch anyone’s eye and like I told Grant Di Mille (the owner) if he ever has extra food all he needs to do is ship it to me! I’d gladly eat it! (and then review it on the blog!LOL)

Marvin got the chance to sit and talk with Grant the other day when they were out at the Food Network/Clinique Promotion with the Chubby Ice Stick Truck. He met the truck at 59th and Lexington and made me VERY jealous! It was bustling with people and they were giving out free icepops! WHY DO I GET TO MISS ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF?

That’s okay though, my day is coming! 🙂

I just wanted to take this moment and say thank you to Grant for taking the time to get to know Marvin and I! One day I’m coming to NYC and you’re gonna be my first stop!!

Here are some photos taken by Marvin that day from around the area and the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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