3 Things I Want to See in NYC!

I can’t wait to get the chance to go to NYC! Eventhough I was born and raised in  Baltimore, MD and NYC was so close, I just never got there. Now, I live in Dallas, TX and dream of one day visiting..

When I get to NYC, there are 3 places that I want to get to immediately!

FAO Schwarz

Times Square

Any NY Pizza place

I LOVE NY style pizza!!! Man, I could go for a pie right now!! Marvin is so lucky to live there! I get jealous sometimes when he tells me about all of the things he gets to see!

ps. One day I will have a billboard in Times Square! Remember I said this on this day!


One thought on “3 Things I Want to See in NYC!

  1. Awwwww, I just had a moment! I used to LOVE Ray’s pizza in Manhattan. One of my cousins told me that Ray’s closed last year, a darn shame! But NY still corner’s the market on being the spot to get ANY type of cuisine!

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