TX Food Truck Festival Review (with Pics!)

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Let’s begin by saying: I made my son go with me. YES, I did! For Mother’s Day!

I’m really glad he did go cause the bus ride was alot longer than I thought it would be and I would have been bored to death!

We got there by about 12:45pm and it was in full swing! So much so that it took me awhile to decide what I wanted to eat cause all of the lines were so long! We ended up waiting in line for Doughboys Pizza, but got out because we thought the wait would be too long! But we were wrong! I ended up getting out of that line and into the line for Rock and Roll Tacos and waited an hour!!! YES, an hour to actually get my food and eat!

We ordered one carnita, one fajita, one chicken taco and one fish taco. They were all pretty good, but the one thing I could have done without was the raw oninions…(not my fav). But let me just tell you, R&R’s Fish Taco was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! You must try it! I wish I had gotten 4 of those instead.

Mel and I also got 2 shaved ices from Enticed Shaved Ice and they were AMAZING!! He got a black cherry one and mine was Wedding Cake (**wink**). SOOOOO good…the ice just melted in your mouth immediately…no chewing necessary!

Overall, it was great!! It got a little chilly out there after awhile, but well worth it!!


2 thoughts on “TX Food Truck Festival Review (with Pics!)

  1. Those lines sure were long today. I waited at the Sushi truck and had the last serving before they ran out of rice. Then I waited at the Colombian Food Truck (from Austin) – their food was great.

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