Etsy Dallas Spring Bash (with pics)

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Today I got a chance to go to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash held at the Palladium! It was great! I took the train to the Cedars Station and only had about a 3 minute walk. I got there at about 1130am and I was so glad to see that the entire event was being held indoors!! If you live in any part of Texas, you understand why!! There was a band there that was playing old time hits the whole time and the atmosphere was pretty upbeat. I was so amazed at the degree of talent there! There was everything from handmade soaps to game piece jewelry! I got a chance to talk to a few of the owners and really enjoyed looking at some of thier work! I especially enjoyed the Voodoo Dolls from Black Heart Laboratory and the game piece jewelry from maggie may i! Those 2 were my favorites!! I also got a chance to talk to Erica from Paper and Place who told me that she does all of her designing in the wee hours of the morning! She’s working hard trying to build her business while working full time! Let’s not forget the homemade soaps from SylettSoap! They smelled wonderful!! I got to hold a conversation with The Soap Mistress all about Etsy. I told her that R&M Social was thinking of joining Etsy and she was a ball of encouragement! After talking to her, I think we may try!!! I must not forget to mention Two Clay Hands! Their work was DIVINE!! Joy Clay is an artist that you should REALLY check out! Her ceramic work was to die for!!

All of the vendors that I was able to stop by and see:

Paper and Place

Black Heart Laboratory


Sylett Soap

Two Clay Hands

Butter Design Lab

Seen Studios



Honey Comb Print Shop

Eye on The Sparrow

Modest Ambition

Soza Designs

Felix and Jayne

3L Photography


Kessler Craftsman

Wee See Three


Midnight Snack

Cloth & Ink

Jenni 20 Designs

Paper Fingers


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