City Arts Festival in Dallas Review

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I had an awesome time at the City Arts Festival in Fair Park! This is an event that I’ve been to every year for about the last 3 years. I love it! I’m always so amazed at the great artwork and the talent of the artists!! I always get a longing to be there displaying my own work one day!

I was fortunate enough to go with my friends Bruce and Montrell. We went together last year too and we always get a kick out of the awesome talent!

Some of the artists we saw included:

George Matthew Esparza

Robert Cornman

Garden Deva

Kiki Curry

Name Coins

Shannon Spillar

Limbo Jewelry

Kevin DesPlanques

Don Drake

Jamie Rice

Leslie W. Friedman

Bonnie Pisik

Cosmo Universal Art


Jelly Queens

Marc MacCallum

Hammer It Out

Todd’s Photography

My favorites from this list were Kevin DesPlanques and Cosmo Universal Art! If you have time, you really should check out their work! I would love to have one of Kevin’s pieces for Marvin one day!

I also attended a Culinary Demo that was hosted by Chef Jim Severson of Sevy’s Grill in Dallas! He was great and so was his food! We got the chance to taste his Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Gazpacho! Delicious!

We stayed for about 4 hours or so and had a blast!! I only wish that Marvin could have been in town to join us! One day we will be doing these events together!


Our Facebook Cover Photo: Like It?

Our Facebook Cover Photo

Kaurina’s Indian Icecream in Dallas Review

Few questions:

Who likes Icrecream?

Have you ever had Indian Icecream?

Have you guys ever heard of Kaurina’s?

Kulfi is the original ice cream of India.  Believed to have its origins in Persia, kulfi was introduced to the subcontinent by Moghul royalty in the 1500s.  Unlike most ice cream, kulfi is not whipped and is made with only pure cooked milk, sugar, and natural flavors.  The result is a decadent and intense flavor.”

Yesterday, I had my first taste of Indian Icecream from Kaurina’s! I ran across them one day on Twitter (don’t you just love social networks?!) and inquired about their product. I talked to one of the owners, Aman Singh, and he was kind enough to send me a sample of his product for my honest review! But before I received it, I read over alittle info:

“Kulfi is made with pure cooked half and half milk that is slow simmered for one entire day. It is made with all natural ingredients, sweetened with cane sugar, flavored with only natural ingredient flavors (real fruits and real roasted nuts).”

“Kulfi is half the calories, fat and sugar of Haagen dazs or Ben & Jerry’s icecream!” Now this statement got me excited! I’m a type 2 diabetic who is honestly in love with sweets! I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 and it has been a constant struggle with either trying to cut out sweets altogether or eating them in moderation. The idea of giving up sweets forever is something I can’t even imagine having to do! So I couldn’t wait to try the icecream in case it was something I could actually eat and enjoy!

Kaurina’s shipped the icecream to me in dry ice and it was here in one day! I received 5 full size bars (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio almond, Malai and strawberry) and a box of 6 snack size mango bars.

My very first thought when I saw it was “I wonder how long this is going to last in this apt?!” LOL Icecream is one of myall time favorite snacks, so it normally doesn’t stick around too long!

Last night Mel (my son) and I tried our first taste after dinner. Mel is kind of picky about flavors he considers “weird”, so he stuck to the vanilla. I decided on the Pistachio Almond!

Since Mel is such a picky eater, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about how much I thought he would like the icecream, but I was pleasantly surprised! After I tasted the vanilla and he’d eaten about half of the bar, I asked him what he thought. He shook his head and said “It has a really STRONG vanilla taste”. And it did! It was amazing!

All you tasted was vanilla and MILK. I LOVE milk btw!  Another word that came to mind was RICH. I was worried that I wouldn’t think it was sweet enough (remember I LOVE SWEET), but that was not the case. I loved it!!! So much that I immediately broke open the Pistachio Almond!

I actually took notes last night so that I could let you know what came to mind as I was eating:

Tasted milky

little bits of nuts


and by the time I got to the end, I realized that I had not encountered any large pieces of nuts…they were minute, but all throught every bite. I like that!! I’m not a big nut person but I like the flavor, so this was good for me.

By the time I’d finished the bar, I was surprised that I felt like my sweet tooth had been satisfied. I can be alittle greedy when it comes to sugar, but that icecream did the trick! It was like the difference between eating a piece of regular milk chocolate and a piece of rich, imported chocolate!

I think I have found a new love: Kaurina’s Icecream! I would encourage all of my sweets lovers out there to go and pick up some! You really shouldn’t miss out on this. Only 11 grams of sugar! I didn’t even feel guilty after eating it!

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The snack size bars are only 80 calories!

As a matter of fact, I’m about to try a snack size one right now! Thank you Kaurinas! You’ve introduced me to something that’s too good to keep to myself!!

Does Your Business Need 100 Free Postcards?

UPrinting is offering 100 Free Postcards for your business! I have business cards from UPrinting and let me tell you: they are beautiful!! Marvin and I have both used their services and have been pleasantly surprised!

It’s awesome that they are giving away 100 free postcards and believe me this is a deal you won’t want to miss!

This is a pic of our business card!

The postcards are amazing and can be seen here! You can enter to win the postcards on my other blog: Christians In Good Company! Contest is open through May 28th!

Clearview Street Festival in NYC Review

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Okay, I have to say, I’m alittle jealous of Marvin and the events he get’s to go to! He even got to see the @SweeteryNYC truck and sample one of their ham and cheese croissants!! I had just talked to the owner, Grant, on the phone the other day!!! I wanted to taste one of their Snickerdoodles!!

He also got to sample some grilled corn! He said it was fabulous, but I’ve never tasted that before.

I just cant wait for the days when Marvin and I can do these events together…that’s why it’s so important to me that he get here this summer. I miss him dearly and we have a ball when we get to work together! It’s our dream

We Have a New CafePress Store!

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These are some of our newest creations! Hope you like them! And to let you know, we have also opened up a store to showcase some of our prints on CafePress ! Feel free to stop by, browse and pick up something for a friend!

If you see a photo on our website that isn’t being offered in the store, just shoot me an email!


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TX Food Truck Festival Review (with Pics!)

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Let’s begin by saying: I made my son go with me. YES, I did! For Mother’s Day!

I’m really glad he did go cause the bus ride was alot longer than I thought it would be and I would have been bored to death!

We got there by about 12:45pm and it was in full swing! So much so that it took me awhile to decide what I wanted to eat cause all of the lines were so long! We ended up waiting in line for Doughboys Pizza, but got out because we thought the wait would be too long! But we were wrong! I ended up getting out of that line and into the line for Rock and Roll Tacos and waited an hour!!! YES, an hour to actually get my food and eat!

We ordered one carnita, one fajita, one chicken taco and one fish taco. They were all pretty good, but the one thing I could have done without was the raw oninions…(not my fav). But let me just tell you, R&R’s Fish Taco was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! You must try it! I wish I had gotten 4 of those instead.

Mel and I also got 2 shaved ices from Enticed Shaved Ice and they were AMAZING!! He got a black cherry one and mine was Wedding Cake (**wink**). SOOOOO good…the ice just melted in your mouth immediately…no chewing necessary!

Overall, it was great!! It got a little chilly out there after awhile, but well worth it!!

Donate To A Good Cause?

Marvin and I would really like to see each other atleast once more this year! We are trying really hard to come up with the money with airline prices being so high!

We opened an account on GoFundMe to ask for help in getting him a round trip ticket from NYC to Dallas to spend a few weeks with me! Any small amount that you can afford would really help and we thank you in advance!

You can check out our story here and see why it’s so important for us to see each other. You can also read about our new business venture R&M Social Media and also find out alittle about Marvin’s moving company Harlem Express Inc.

We are two hard working individuals who are trying our best to get things in order so that we can have a life together. Please pray for us!

NYC Park Avenue Street Festival




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Marvin Washington